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The Newborn Weeks. I'd like to say I remember them well but they are somewhat blurred by what I can only describe as sheer exhaustion. I don't know about other mums but when I was pregnant I read pretty much everything I possibly could on pregnancy. I was confident about giving birth and felt completely in control. It sounds like I was organised and clued-up right? WRONG. I didn't read a single thing about what happens after you've been handed your tiny baby and pretty much been told by the midwives to get on with it (Side note: I didn't have a great experience on the maternity ward!)

Having said this, I don't think anything can prepare you for what you're about to face. There's the tiredness from days without sleep, crippling afterbirth pains, sore boobs from feeding around the clock and let's not forget the overwhelming emotion of pure, unconditional love for the beautiful little person you've bought into the world. There's no point sugar coating it, those first few weeks are tough but do you know what? You'll get through them. Not only that but you'll find magic in the smallest moments with your precious new baby and it's those bits you'll remember in detail. You know you were exhausted but you'll forget the exact total of hours you went without sleep and although you know you were in a lot of pain from giving birth, you'll forget exactly how it felt because I'll let you into a little secret, us mamas are stronger than we look.

Of course, the new love you feel for your baby is a great motivation for finding strength when you feel physically weak but what also helps is having a tribe; people in your corner that you can lean on for support. Even the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference to a new mummy; offering to do her washing or making her dinner. A kind word can also go a long way in reminding her that she's got this. This is why I really wanted to share a fantastic project with you called #MamaMail.

#MamaMail is the brainchild of The Paperdashery, a store selling greetings cards, gift wrap and some of the cutest washi tape I've ever seen! The idea is basically that mums send a piece of happy mail (could be a letter, postcard or even a little gift) to a brand new mummy, who might be in need of a word of encouragement and support. The project is all about sending love and creating happiness. A lovely idea, don't you think?

There's no obligation for the new mama to reply to the sender but the option is there if they want someone to talk to that understands what they're going through and can lend an ear or act as a sounding board. I think it's such a wonderful idea and have actually signed up as a #MamaMail sender. I'm really looking forward to being matched to a new mummy and writing my first piece of #MamaMail.

If you are a brand new mummy and would like to receive a piece of #MamaMail you can do so here. Alternatively, if you have a slightly older baby or child, you can choose to be a #MamaMail sender by signing up here. You can also check out Paperdashery's #MamaMail products on their website. Let's spread a little mama love!

This post is NOT sponsored, I just loved the idea & wanted to share it!