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May Favourites

My monthly favourites have always been beauty based but what I realised over the past couple of months is that the makeup I like wearing and skincare I like using hardly ever changes! This has meant that I'm either regurgitating (such a gross word) content or just skipping my favourites posts altogether. SO I've deciding to change it up a little. Instead of being beauty favourites these are now just favourites, favourites. TRUE favourites if you like. Hope you enjoy!


So my first favourite has to be my friend Sophia's #TTLMAYMAMACHALLENGE which she ran over on Instagram throughout the month of May. It was a great opportunity to connect with other mamas all over the world, share experiences and enjoy a bucket load of baby snaps! Admittedly I missed some days as I was away in Devon with no WiFi but I really enjoyed participating - so much so that I've decided to do #TTLJUNEMAMACHALLENGE this month too. Follow me (@megan_jane03) to see how I'm getting on and if you fancy joining in yourself, check out this post on Sophia's instagram (@tattooedtealady).

2. Downton Abbey

Yep, I know I'm late on the bandwagon with Downton but that's how I roll. Funnily enough I've actually watched the last series, so I know what's going to happen. I kind of like that though...I feel like I can enjoy it without worrying about the characters' fate haha. They've got the entire series plus Christmas specials on Sky On Demand, which is super convenient and it's been the perfect thing to watch while I'm breastfeeding!

3. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Just casually including a breast pump as one of my monthly favourites! After buying the Medela Swing, I honestly didn't think I'd ever use a manual pump ever again but this one from Lansinoh, which I initially trialled for a blog post, is just SO good. For some reason I just find it so much more convenient to use than my Medela Swing (probably because I still haven't put batteries in it, so always have to find a plug socket) and it definitely rivals it in terms of the amount of milk I'm able to pump. Read my post 'Expressing, Milk Storage & Banishing Boob Pain' for more on the pump and look out for a more in depth review post I'll be sharing soon because YEAH it's that good!

What were your May favourites?