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The Best Kind of Pair

This was not what I planned for me, for you,
I would be married, settled, one half of a two
But when those two lines appeared, I fell in love 
Nothing else would ever come above
For you deserve the world and that’s what I shall give
You changed my life, reminded me how to live
You’ve shown me my value, taught me I deserve more
It’s amazing the power you hold, though you are so small.

I may often be tired, sometimes in pain
But I wouldn’t change a thing, I’d do it all again
For you my darling are the light of my life
I can be a strong mother, without being a wife. 

My sweet little boy, you’ve opened my eyes
You’ve made me braver, more selfless and I guess somewhat wise
Thank you for choosing me as your mama bear
We make a great team, a duo; the best kind of pair.

Being a single mama wasn’t my plan
But you have shown me that I can;
Give you everything you need, I’ll always try
And I’ll love you fiercely until the day I die.

Happy 8 months Arthur!