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The Cutest Stacking Blocks

The other day my lovely best friend Liz bought round some new colourful (and totally adorable) stacking blocks for Arthur to play with and it's fair to say he was more than a little excited! Building and knocking down towers is one of our favourite games to play together. I do the building and Arthur does the destroying. We're a good team.

The look of concentration on his face when he's reaching to knock over the blocks is just the cutest thing. As they hit the ground, his expression changes and he's somewhat surprised but within seconds he's grinning with pride. I could watch him play like that all day.

It's not just Arthur that loves his new stacking blocks though, nope, mummy here has completely fallen in love with their pretty design too. Just look at those adorable fruit illustrations! It made me laugh that as soon as I shared the picture above on Instagram, I had a number of mummies message me asking where the blocks were from - they're just so damn cute! In case you were wondering, they are from Tiger - I'd never have thought they stocked children's toys but apparently they do. I had a little look on their website and they appear to stock a varied selection of quirky baby and children's toys in their stores, so if you are looking for something a little different, it's a good place to go.

The Stabelkasser stacking blocks are made from cardboard and can be stacked on top of each other or inside each other. As well as the lovely little fruit designs, they also feature numbers so will be great when Arthur's learning to count. For now though, he's perfectly happy knocking them over and waving them enthusiastically in the air!

Yep, I've just written a whole blog post about stacking blocks... #mummylife


Edited to add: I've been getting a little bit of traffic from Google to this post so I thought I'd do a little update to say that at 2 years old Arthur is still loving the stacking blocks. He now recognises all of the different fruits and loves using the blocks to practice counting. What I would say is that if you are going to give them to a younger baby, like I did, do keep in mind that they're probably going to dribble and nibble on them at some point and as they're made out of cardboard, they might not be pristine for long! Ours are still going strong but with a few rips and bits missing here and there.