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AmaWrap Re-Visited: A Mama Holiday Must-have!

Back in March I first tried my hand at babywearing and shared a rave review of a sling I'd been using, called the AmaWrap*. Initially I had only been using it around the house, however last week we travelled to Northumberland for our family holiday and I decided to give it a go on the beach!

The first day I attempted to take my Silver Cross Surf 2 Pushchair on the beach and whilst it was fairly easy to push once I got onto the wet sand (providing you didn't stop and sink), dragging it across dry sand was quite the challenge. The next day we had to walk down quite a steep hill to get to the beach, so the baby sling was my only option. I'm so glad I tried it outside though because honestly, it made the whole beach walk so much more enjoyable for both me and Arthur.

Initially I thought that I might find it quite difficult now Arthur's eight months old and quite a big baby but the AmaWrap provided plenty of support and distributed his weight evenly, making him much easier to carry. I think Arthur enjoyed being kept close in the AmaWrap and it allowed him to take-in and enjoy his new surroundings; feeling safe, warm and content. His smiles and happy noises were all the proof I needed!

For me, tying the AmaWrap and popping Arthur in was just as quick as getting the pushchair out of the boot and strapping him in that. It also saved time, as unlike the pushchair, it didn't need the sand brushing off it afterwards. I can tie the AmaWrap myself from memory but if you get stuck, there's an excellent step-by-step video tutorial you can watch for guidance.

If you're going on a beach holiday with your baby or even going on a walk where there might be some tricky parts for your pushchair, I highly recommend trying the AmaWrap or another baby carrier of your choice. Practice babywearing around the house to build your confidence with it and you'll soon see the benefits for yourself and your baby. The AmaWrap was a holiday essential for me and I'll definitely use it for other trips out with Arthur in the future.

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