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Making a Baby Scrapbook

Time goes faster and faster as you get older but I swear when you have a baby it doubles in speed. In a couple of weeks Arthur will be 9 months old and I still can't quite get my head around it! Enjoy every moment is the piece of advice I was given when I became a mummy and yes, it's a cliche but something that's so important because time really does go by in the blink of an eye. I guess if I was to give another piece of advice to a new mummy it would be to document as much as you can. I've always loved looking back at old photo albums from my childhood and wanted to make sure Arthur had plenty look back on too.

In addition to creating photo albums, memory boxes and Letters To My Baby, I've started a baby scrapbook for Arthur's first year. Each double page has it's own theme, such as 'My Baby Shower,' 'The Day You Were Born,' 'Your First Christmas' and I've filled them with pictures, words and little keepsakes that we'll be able to look back on together, in years to come. So far I've taken most of the scrapbook pictures on my Instax Mini 8 Camera. I love the retro-style 'polaroid' effect of these photographs and they're the perfect size for sticking in my Paperchase Scrapbook.

As well as creating pages for special times, I've also designed a few around Arthur's age and milestones. These pages feature pictures that show how Arthur has changed and grown over the months, as well as little snippets of information, like his weight, what he likes doing, the nicknames I've been calling him and what he's been getting up to. I know there are some great scrapbooks out there like Project Life but I wanted my baby scrapbook to be a little less formal and a little more and 'me!' I also think some of the scrapbooking kits out there are very expensive. I much prefer being able to buy little bits and bobs here and there without spending a small fortune.

Of course, a scrapbook wouldn't be a scrapbook without cute stickers and washi tape, so I couldn't resist ordering a selection from Paperchase. I love the colourful animal stickers and the seashells, along with the anchor print washi tape are perfect for my seaside themed 'Your First Holiday' page.

I've still got plenty of pages left in my baby scrapbook and can't wait to add to it over the next few months. I think I'll probably start a fresh one when Arthur turns 1. It'd be nice to do one for each year of his childhood if I could keep it up. It's certainly something I really enjoy doing when Arthur's gone to bed - it really helps me to wind down. I already love looking back at the earlier pages and seeing just how much has happened over these last few months. What a wonderful few months it's been!

Are you into scrapbooking?
I'd love to hear your recommendations on places to buy stickers, tape and other scrapbooking bits!