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Tips for Home Safety whilst on Holiday

As much as I love going away on holiday, there's always part of me that worries something will happen to our lovely house, so I take home safety pretty seriously. It's not just the cost of damage to your home or the loss of personal belongings but the stress and worry that comes with it. Whilst you can't plan for every possible eventuality, there are a number of things you can do to keep your home safe. The obvious thing is to set your burglar alarm but here are a few things you may have forgotten...

Don't Tweet about it
Understandably you'll want to tell your immediate family and friends you're going away on holiday but leave it at that. Start shouting about your upcoming holiday and you put your home at high risk of a break in. I often see people bragging about going away on social media and think why are you putting yourself at risk like that?! Post your holiday snaps when you're home instead.

Pull the plug
Before we went on our recent holiday to Northumberland, we did a quick check around the house to make sure that all of our appliances (apart from the fridge / freezer) were turned off at the wall. It's a pre-holiday ritual we've always done. Switching off appliances can help to reduce the risk of fires and also save you wasting money on utility bills.

Dig out your home insurance docs
Whilst you'd rather your home didn't get burgled or damaged whilst you're on holiday; it's only sensible to make sure your home insurance is valid and up to date. It's also a good idea to check that outbuildings such as your garage, shed or summer house are also covered by your home insurance policy, as these tend to be seen as easier targets for break ins. Remember that many home insurance policies require you to have taken certain measures to ensure home safety whilst on holiday and may even include a clause on social media. Read the small print and follow the guidelines closely to ensure you are 100% covered in the unfortunate event of a burglary, fire or flood.

Ask someone to play neighbourhood watch
Although you don't want to tell the world you're going on holiday, there's no harm in mentioning it to someone you can trust. Before my family went to Devon and Northumberland this year, we told a couple of our neighbours so they could keep an eye on the house for us (and put the bin out!) It'll definitely give you a little extra peace of mind - it did for us!

So there we have my top tips for home safety whilst on holiday. Do you have any more to share? Feel free to leave them for me and others to read in the comment section below!
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