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Dine with Totseat

Today I wanted to share a post about a fantastic product that I know other parents will LOVE.

But before we get onto it, let’s start by talking about just how rubbish most highchairs are when you’re dining out at a pub, restaurant or cafĂ©. I don’t know about you but most of the time they give you those awful wooden ones sans-tray. I wouldn’t mind the fact they don’t have a tray if they were table height but most of the time that isn’t the case! And the majority don’t come with any padded inserts so you find that your little six month old is wobbling about all over the place – so much so that you may as well just keep them on your knee!

Then there’s the dining establishments that have filthy highchairs…I’m not the type of mum that anti-bac-wipes everything but seriously, some restaurants could really do with cleaning their highchairs between uses if the parent hasn’t bothered to!

Finally there are the establishments that don’t seem to have enough highchairs to accommodate every child. Again – not in the least bit helpful for a parent who is trying to enjoy a meal out with their little one.

So this brings me onto the fantastic product that seems to solve all of these dining out niggles and that’s the Totseat*. This lovely little product was sent over for Arthur to try and honestly, it’s so useful! It’s basically a travel-friendly, portable fabric highchair that you can take along to restaurants, pubs and cafes to use on one of their chairs. It turns pretty much any style of dining chair into a safe, practical and comfortable highchair for your little one.

The Totseat is lightweight and pocket-sized so you can throw it in your baby changing bag to take with you and it’s also machine washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting covered in food. It’s super easy to attach to chairs and sort of looks like a big nappy for your baby! I was initially worried that Arthur would wriggle out but because the Totseat goes up to his chest, around his armpits and fastens just above his head, there’s no chance! I feel like I can relax while he’s in his Totseat because not only is he perfectly safe but also very content. I think he feels like he's less restrained than in a traditional highchair and sees the Totseat as something fun.

If you want more information about the Totseat and how it works, I suggest visiting their website and having a good old read when you get a minute. My Totseat now lives in my changing bag so it’s always there just-in-case but I’ve also used it at home as Arthur has fussy days where he doesn’t want to sit in his other highchair. It’s such a useful product and one I’ll definitely be recommending to other mamas.

You can use the Totseat when your baby can sit up unaided – usually around 6 months give or take and it’s suitable for using until they’re 30 months old, so Arthur will definitely be getting plenty of use out of ours yet!

Be sure to check out the #DineWithTotseat hash tag on Instagram to see the Totseat in action.

What do you think of the Totseat?
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