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#RSPCAPetPeeves: Still Life in the Old Dog Yet

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that one of my lovely dogs, Jazz has been rather under the weather. In fact, he was so poorly that we actually said heartbreaking goodbyes to him on two separate occasions, thinking he wouldn't be coming back from the vets. We were all absolutely devastated but in agreement that we'd give him the best chance of life but if he was suffering, we'd have to let him go. Miraculously, Jazz seems to have made a fantastic recovery over the last week or so and proved that there's still life in the old dog yet. He's lost quite a bit of weight through being poorly with a very nasty infection but his appetite is back and he seems a lot more like his old self. We're so thankful that we get to spend a little longer with our beautiful dog, who we've had for twelve years. He's such a massive part of our family and it's certainly made me realise that I need to treasure him even more.

A shoulder to cry on
One of the things I love most about Jazz is how caring he is. He's extremely loving and if you're at all upset, he comes running to you, beside himself with worry. You can have a good old cry on him and he'll always make you feel tons better. Sure you might get snuffled a bit but it's so worth it! 

Did somebody call the fun police?
Something else I love about him is that he likes to keep us all in check, which is so, so funny. He's quite bossy and will make it known if he's not impressed with you. If you're having too much of a good time, he'll bark at you (we like to call him the fun police) and he's forever keeping our rescue dog Oby (more about him in a minute) in line.

He's a neat freak
Jazz also tidies up after Oby and has a habit of putting all of his toys away in the basket - even if he's not quite finished playing with them. It's so amusing to watch...who needs TV when you have dogs?!

All about Oby...
Like Jazz, Oby is a German Shepherd Border Collie Cross. We believe he's nine years old - even though he acts like a puppy most of the time! We rescued Oby three years ago (you can read all about that in this post) and despite everything he went through in the past; he's a very loving dog and has become an important part of our family. Something I love about Oby is how 'doggy' he is. Whereas Jazz has some quite human-like traits, Oby is all dog. He loves nothing more than a good old game of tug of war and enjoys racing Jazz up the local trail...although poor old Jazz isn't really up to it right now!

Love me, love me, say that you love me
Oby can be a bit of a diva too. Obviously Jazz has required a lot more attention recently with being poorly and so Oby has been quite the sulky Sue. He needs constant love and attention and will even sigh if he's not getting what he wants. It's probably something to do with the fact he was treated so poorly by previous owners but luckily for Oby, we have plenty of love to go around. Even when he's having a sulk you can always win him over with a belly rub.

Over the last three years Jazz and Oby have become brothers and I can't tell you how happy I am that Jazz seems to be recovering because I think Oby would feel pretty lost without him - we all would. If you are a dog owner or any pet owner, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to that. Pets are such a big part of our lives aren't they?

The reason I've been babbling on about my fur babies today is that I'm taking part in the #RSPCAPETPEEVES campaign. This campaign is all about encouraging pet owners to get their pets insured. As a family that has just had a pretty poorly doggy and racked up some hefty vet bills, we can tell you first hand just how valuable pet insurance is. It's so worth it, not only in terms of saving yourself money if your pet needs treatment but actually being able to get them the help they need to recover. The RSPCA works closely with More Th>n Pet Insurance, so if you still need to get your pet insured, it's definitely worth considering the packages they offer.

Do you have a pet? Are they insured?
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Disclaimer: Jazz & Oby will be receiving a hamper from the RSPCA as a thank you for sharing their stories!