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Tips for Planning a Low Key Baby Shower

It's been a year since I started planning my baby shower and with my birthday in a couple of weeks (the day it was hosted on) and Arthur's 1st birthday just a few weeks after, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot. My baby shower was a sweet, simple and meaningful celebration. I kept it low key - opting to invite only my closest friends and also inexpensive. It was a lovely, special day and so I thought I'd share a few tips for those wanting to plan their own low key, budget friendly baby shower...

1. Forget all the rules
I think it's some sort of baby shower etiquette that you don't host your own baby shower and that a friend or family member does it for you. Well, I say, if you want to host your own baby shower and tailor it to your liking - forget all the rules and go for it. That way, it'll be exactly how you want it to be.

2. Keep your invite list small
If you want a low key baby shower then stick to inviting your most important people - family, best friends, you know...the people that really matter. I loved having a small, intimate gathering with my best friends. We don't all live close by anymore so it gave us the perfect excuse to catch up and celebrate together. Obviously a small invite list will help to drive down your costs if you're providing food too.

3. Do a buffet and make your own cakes
It's not a wedding so you don't need a formal sit down meal. Baby showers are all about easy snacks, buffet food and plenty of cake. Buffet food is cheap and cheerful and it always goes down a treat. My mum bless her, made all of my baby shower cakes and sandwiches in the early hours of the morning (despite it being her birthday too - the epitome of 'made with love') and they were beautiful.

Side tip - accept all the help you can get! You'll be tired enough as it is being pregnant, so if your family or friends offer to help you do the food or get set up, say YES. YES PLEASE. My mum and dad were amazing and my best friend Liz was also wonderful helping me get everything ready.

4. Look for decorations on eBay and Amazon
There are loads of great websites and online boutiques selling baby shower decorations but a lot of them are pricey. If you are looking to keep your baby shower budget friendly then search for baby shower decorations on eBay and Amazon instead. I found sellers on both sites with very similar (some even the same) decorations but for a fraction of the price. eBay sellers often offer free delivery too! I also bought things like sweetie bags and popcorn boxes, which were a nice touch to my baby shower buffet.

5. Scrap the baby shower games (if you want to)
Although I would happily join in with someone else's baby shower games, they weren't something I wanted to play at my own baby shower. Trying fake poo and guessing what it is and pinning the sperm on the egg just don't really do it for me...but again, there's no real judgment here! As I was saying before, I wanted to spend quality time with my best friends and talk all things baby, so I decided to scrap the baby shower games altogether.

I did decide to hand out some baby prediction cards for my friends to fill in, which was pretty fun. No one actually guessed anything right but they've made a nice addition to Arthur's memory box. I know some people like to get their guests to write a message for their baby's time capsule or sign a guest book,  both of which are lovely ideas. Baby shower activities don't have to make you cringe!

So there are a few simple tips for those who want a low key and budget friendly baby shower. It's your special day, so there's nothing wrong with taking control of the planning or going against tradition. There's no right or wrong way to plan a baby shower and as long as you have a lovely time, then you've done a good job!

Did you have a baby shower or are you planning one?
Tell me about it in the comments below.