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Arthur Daniel - Why Your Name is Special

Baby names are something that have always interested me, even before I was pregnant with Arthur. For years, I was obsessed with the name Edie and was certain that if I had a little girl, that's what I'd call her. Edie Rose. It's funny though as when I found out I was pregnant, I didn't even consider the name Edie for a girl! I had two names I liked, Olivia and Devon.

Now, I know what you're thinking - but you didn't have a girl and no, no I didn't! But strangely, before I found out I was having a son I really couldn't pick a boy's name. Then once I found out it was a little boy in there, it was like something clicked in my head - he was Arthur. My Arthur. I didn't tell anyone I was set on the name at first, as I wanted to be 100% sure but when I was, I told my mum and knew how much choosing that name meant to her.

You see, Arthur isn't the first Arthur in our family. My mum's dad (my grandad - or Gonga as I chose to call him) was called Arthur too. Well actually he was called Thomas Arthur but it seems back in the day people often went by their second names instead. It was the same with my dad's dad, funny isn't it? My mum loved her dad very much and even though I only got to spend the first few years of my life with him (and therefore unfortunately don't remember a lot of our time together) I have always felt a real connection to him. I think it's because my mum has so many lovely memories of him and stories to share. I feel like I knew him well. She also says that my brother is a lot like him and I can see the likeness when I look at pictures too.

My Gonga once appeared to me in a dream. I think it was a couple of years ago. In the dream I didn't realise it was him, nor could I place the man he was with but I was speaking to him and he was telling me he was proud of me and that he hoped I had a happy life. It was only in the morning that I realised it was my Grandad in my dream and when I told my mum she wondered if the man he was with could have been his twin brother John. It made me feel quite emotional and actually what he said means even more to me a couple of years on, now I'm living a much happier life.

Because my Grandad Arthur was so important to my mum and our family, I wanted to honour him in some way by naming my little boy after him. Arthur is apparently derived from the Celtic name 'Artos' which means 'Bear.' It is also a name associated with being noble and courageous. It's a good name and the perfect choice for my little love.

My Arthur's second name is Daniel and yes, that's another family name as my brother is called Daniel. It's a name I've always loved - in fact my parents said that when my mum was pregnant with my brother I was set on the name Daniel and when my dad suggested another name, I said I was going to call him Daniel anyway...or so the story goes! But I also chose it as Arthur's middle name as my brother was really there for me when I was pregnant (and not exactly having the easiest time). I wanted Arthur to be named after another good man. Arthur absolutely adores his Uncle Danny so I think he'll love the fact he shares his second name with him once he's old enough to understand.

A special name for a special little boy. I feel like it's a name that'll suit him no matter his age and I look forward to sharing the story behind his name with him in years to come.

Most names have a meaning to them and I love reading about other people's baby name choices, so feel free to share your link if you've written a similar post or tell me how you picked your baby name/s below.