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Tasty Baby Food from Piccolo

When you think of puréed food, you probably think of younger babies enjoying their first tastes but did you know that fruit and veg pouches can actually make healthy, tasty snacks for older babies too? Piccolo has recently launched a wonderful range of mediterranean inspired fruit and vegetable purées, ideal for first tastes and beyond.

The Piccolo purées* are beautifully packaged in colourful, illustrated pouches, which immediately drew me in and with a wide range of flavours (listed below), I was sure I'd find some that Arthur loved!

Piccolo Flavours:
Apple and Apricot with a pinch of Cinnamon
Squash, Red Pepper and Chickpea with a hint of Rosemary
Banana, Blueberry and Apple with a hint of Vanilla
Cherry and Yoghurt with Wholegrain Oats
Peach and Apple with a hint of Basil
Spring Greens with a hint of Mint

New Piccolo Flavours:
Mango, Pear and Kale with a dash of Yoghurt
Raspberry and Apple with Soaked Oats
Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple and Pear
Banana, Strawberry and Peach with a hint of Mint

Over the last couple of months, Arthur's been working his way through these and surprisingly he loves them! I say surprisingly because just like his mummy he usually likes things one minute and then goes off them the next but not with Piccolo - these pouches he really loves! 

If you've caught up on my recent weaning posts, you'll know Arthur's past the purée stage of weaning (I did a combination of purée and BLW) but he enjoys a Piccolo pouch as a tasty snack or sometimes even a pudding! Like many of the other Piccolo-loving babies on Instagram, Arthur takes his straight from the pouch - no spoon necessary. The baby food pouches are great for throwing in your bag when you're going out and are particularly useful when you're on holiday, as I found out on our recent trip to Devon. It gave me peace of mind (and no mum guilt) knowing that Arthur was eating organic baby food with 100% natural ingredients.

Arthur seems to like all of the flavours - even Spring Greens, which he'll happily drink straight from the pouch or enjoy as a pasta sauce. The new, rather more adventurous flavours, containing ingredients like Kale and Beetroot also went down a treat. I feel like Arthur's already way better than me when it comes to trying new foods and I'm 26! I'd say his least favourite flavour is probably the Apple and Apricot pouch, though I'm wondering if it's something to do with the pinch of cinnamon. Cinnamon's an acquired taste right? He seems particularly taken with the Cherry Yoghurt and Banana, Blueberry and Apple pouches, so they are at the top of my list to buy now we've run out.

All in all I'm very impressed with the My Little Piccolo pouches and think they're up there as the best purées Arthur's tried (yep they've even beaten that very well known brand!) I love watching him savour his Piccolo pouches, knowing that they're packed full of good, honest and natural food. And if that wasn't enough, My Little Piccolo has also formed a partnership with the NCT; donating 10% of all profits to help fund food education. So we've got cute packaging, great tasting, healthy snacks and good morals - what more could you want?

The Piccolo pouches are stocked in Waitrose (currently on three-for-two**) and online at Ocado and Amazon. Head on over to the Piccolo website to find out more about their stockists, story and the tasty ingredients that go into their wonderful weaning products. 

Has your little one tried Piccolo yet?
*I was sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own
**Information correct as of date of publish