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Things I've Learnt in a Year of Motherhood

Arthur's One on Friday - a whole year old. A lot has changed in this magical year and I wanted to share a few things I've learnt a long the way...

I can survive on just a few hours sleep.
My stretch marks don't bother me.
Losing the baby weight hasn't been a priority.
I have the most caring, loving and supportive family.
My boobs are magical - they've fed my baby for a whole year.
Though breastfeeding is very hard at times.
Being a single mummy doesn't make me feel sad or lonely.
The little things that used to scare me aren't as frightening any more (apart from spiders).
But motherhood brings new fears, worries and challenges on a daily basis.
Everything becomes less embarrassing when you've gone through child birth.
Motherhood makes you strong.
My bestest friends are still the best.
Motherhood brings new mama friends and even new best friends.
Baby sick, dribble and snot are daily accessories.
Nursery rhymes are always in your head.
Baby shopping is way more exciting than clothes shopping.
I have a whole new appreciation for my parents and how they raised me and my brother.
Arthur's happiness and safety comes above all.
You will sacrifice anything and everything for your baby.
Hearing Arthur say mama, mummy or mum is the best thing in the world.
Joy can be found in the smallest of moments with your baby.
Seeing your baby smile, sit up, crawl and clap for the first time is everything.
Baby kisses can be very wet and sloppy.
As can baby nappies...sorry.
You never get tired of people cooing over your baby and saying they're beautiful.
Or saying they look 'just like their mummy' (that gets you bonus points).
Putting your baby down to sleep requires serious ninja skills.
And even when they're sound asleep, you'll still want to check them a billion times 'just in case.'
Baby poo is a regular topic of discussion.
Watching your baby have their injections is the worst, despite knowing how important they are.
Just as you become comfortable with something, everything changes.
Babies like to keep you on your toes.
You're tired 99% of the time.
But they're worth it.
Time for yourself is important though, even if it's only a few minutes each day.
Seeing your baby take interest in their toys and books is magical.
Babies can sleep through loud noises like dogs barking but if you dare cough, whisper or even think a little too loudly they'll wake up.
'Sleep when your newborn baby sleeps' is the most stupid piece of advice ever.
Your baby can have all the toys in the world but they'll still prefer your iPad or the TV remote.
Babies are super clever. They watch your every move and learn so quickly.
Celebrate milestones - your baby's and your own as a mother.
Trust your instincts as a mummy - you know your baby better than anyone.
Being a mummy isn't always easy but it's more amazing than I ever could ever imagine.
Cherish your cuddles. You'll never look back on your life and think 'I should have done more cleaning' or regret spending time cuddling your baby. (Best piece of advice from my own mum).
There's no shame in asking for help and advice.
Time triples in speed when you're a mummy.
Make lots of memories, take lots of photos, remember what's important. Start a scrapbook.
My love for my son grows stronger each day.
I can't remember what life was without Arthur.
There's no other love like it.

Arthur will forever be my biggest achievement, my greatest adventure, the love of my life.