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Finding the Perfect Gifts for Kids with Wicked Uncle

Buying gifts for kids when you have no idea what interests them can be a tricky task. There's all different things to consider, like if the toy is suitable for their age group and whether it will drive their mummy crazy (oh c'mon no one really enjoys hearing their baby's musical toys a million times a day!) But that's where Wicked Uncle comes in. Wicked Uncle is an online toy store that specialises in helping you find the perfect gifts for kids. It's particularly useful for those who either don't have kids themselves or are just generally clueless when it comes to buying presents (we all know someone like that right?)

For a bit of fun, Wicked Uncle has come up with a challenge that requires an adult with no kids to use their website to buy a present for a child they know. I put forward Arthur's Uncle Danny (my younger brother) to see how he got on. He's not always been the best at actually choosing gifts (preferring someone else to do it for him), though I was very impressed with my birthday present this year, so maybe he's turned a corner! Anyway...I sent over the link to the Wicked Uncle site and kept my fingers crossed that he'd pick the gift I had in mind.

What's so great about the Wicked Uncle website is that it makes searching for a gift so easy. You can choose to shop by gender, age, interest or even just look at what's popular. With Arthur's 1st Birthday in just a couple of weeks, Uncle Danny rightly chose the 'Age 1' category and thankfully picked the toy I had my eye on for Arthur - the Walkalong Wooden Puppy*! Arthur loves our dogs so I knew he'd love his own little toy dog to pull around.

Even though Arthur's not walking yet, he's had so much fun pulling the dog as he crawls around the living room. He also loves holding onto the dog and rolling it up and down. For the last few weeks, I've got the feeling that Arthur is ready for his 'next stage' toys so this is really perfect and will keep him going until he gets all of his birthday toys (I'm so excited!) The Walkalong Wooden Puppy is very well made and for me, is extra-lovely because it's made from wood. There's just something so charming about wooden toys in a world full of plastic isn't there?

If that wasn't enough, Uncle Danny also chose another toy for Arthur from the Wicked Uncle website, perfect for one of Arthur's favourite times of the day - bath time. He picked the Tomy Rescue Boat*, which looked great! Again, Arthur's been getting a little bored of his bath time squirters that he's had since he was tiny so it was brilliant to have a more interesting toy for him to play with. This Tomy Boat is sound activated, which makes it all the more exciting for little ones. You squeeze the squeaky remote control once to get the motor going on the rescue boat and again to get the water shooting out of the cannon. Arthur's so interested in how the boat works (he turns it over to have a look) and laughs when the water gets him - or even better, squirts at me! 

I'm really impressed with Uncle Danny's choices and love that Wicked Uncle makes finding the perfect gifts for kids so easy. They have a fantastic selection of toys for all ages, so with Christmas just a 9 weeks away (uh-oh) now's the perfect time to see what they've got to offer!
*These toys were purchased with a voucher provided by Wicked Uncle for the purpose of this post.
Thank you Wicked Uncle - we loved working with you!