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#BinBeautiful (Because nappy bins don't have to be ugly...or smelly!)

You know you're a mummy when you get excited about a nappy bin. But look at it, it doesn't look like your average nappy bin does it? For starters, it's mint green. To be honest, I was sold on that alone but after nearly a month's use, I can tell you that the Korbell Nappy Bin is so much more than a beautiful-looking-nappy-bin. Yep, it's practical, convenient and makes #mummylife a hell of a lot easier. My own mum even made the bold statement 'It's the best thing you've ever been sent to review!' It's definitely saved her a few trips to the big bin outside with Arthur's nappies too. So mummy's happy and granny's happy. I'd call that a win!

The Korbell Nappy Bin (£27.50)* from Cheeky Rascals has an innovative design that traps away dirty nappies and the smells that they produce in a biodegradable bin liner. It's conveniently designed with a foot-pedal, making it easier for you to dispose of nappies with a baby in your arms and has a double-seal to keep things contained. The bin comes in four stylish colours (mint green, pastel blue, soft pink and pure white) and three sizes. It is also supplied with a roll of biodegradable lining.

I have the Standard size 15 litre bin, which holds up to 45 nappies at one time. The liner is designed to last for up to 495 nappies, which they've estimated is around 10-11 weeks. The Korbell nappy bin is also available in Mini (9 Litre holding up to 25 nappies at a time) and Plus (25 litre holding 65 litres at a time).

The unique thing about the Korbell Nappy Bin is the way in which the liner works. Basically, once you're ready to 'take the bin out' to your outside bin, you open the door at the front, pull down the bag and cut it, before making a knot to seal the bag. You'll notice that the pre-loaded Korbell Nappy Bin Liner already has a knot at the bottom. So now your bin bag is sealed at both ends and ready to take out to the bin. There's actually a cutter built into the door of the bin, so you haven't got to go searching for a pair of scissors. As I said before - it makes disposing of nappies so much easier!

Once you've done all that, you simply pull down the liner and knot the bottom so you're ready to start again, filling it up with more nappies. There's instructions on the inside of the bin door, so if you get stuck, you can refer to that.

I'm seriously impressed with the Korbell Nappy Bin from Cheeky Rascals and really do feel like it's made such a difference to me. Before I had an open bin, which meant that I was having to make trips to the big bin a few times a day (or Granny was) because we didn't want the nappies to make the bathroom smell. This simply isn't a problem with the Korbell Nappy Bin as it's very well sealed. Of course, the fact it's #BinBeautiful is a bonus. It looks lovely in my white bathroom where I prefer to keep it but would look equally as lovely in Arthur's nursery, which also happens to be mint green!

As an honest reviewer, I've got to say that in my opinion the price of the liner (£15.99 for Standard size on Cheeky Rascals website) seems slightly expensive. Well that was my initial thought but on reflection, if they last the 10-11 weeks estimated, then the price isn't actually that bad. And once all the benefits of the Korbell Nappy Bin are factored in, for me the price of the liner is totally worth it.

The Korbell Nappy Bin from Cheeky Rascals is one of the most useful baby products I've tried and it's definitely something I'll be recommending to my mummy friends. I only wish I'd got one sooner!

*The Korbell Nappy Bin was kindly sent to me for the purpose of this review.
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