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4 Products for Toddler-Proofing Your Home

Once your baby starts walking, there's really no stopping them! My little boy is at that you-can't-catch-me-running-at-the-speed-of-light stage. It's a lot of fun - I love seeing him running around happily - but he's also a walking (well running) safety hazard.

Lindam Stair Gates
We installed stair gates in our old house, when Arthur was first born, purely to keep the pets out of his way but now he's a toddler they're installed in our new house to ensure his safety. We're currently using Lindam stair gates, which are pressure-fit and dual-locking. You can have them either two-way opening if you're using them in doorways (we have one just outside Arthur's room) or single-opening on the stairs. They're designed so you can open them with one hand, which is extremely useful if you're carrying your little one up and downstairs.

Magnetic Cupboard Locks
In addition to stair gates, we also use magnetic cupboard locks. Toddlers are curious by nature and will love nothing more than rummaging through drawers and cupboards to see what they can get their little hands on. Obviously, there are certain things you're not going to want them to have and if you're worried about them trapping their fingers, magnetic cupboard locks are the answer. I've written a whole post about them here if you're interested in having a read.

Safety Corner Guards
More recently, we've had to start putting safety corner guards on sharp-edged furniture as Arthur's had a bit of a growth spurt and is almost tall enough to bump himself on them. The corner guards we use are made from a soft non-toxic PVC and are designed to absorb impact. They're self-adhesive but shouldn't cause any damage to your furniture. Most are advertised as being 'crystal clear' so you can maintain your furniture's beauty... I'm not going to lie, they definitely deter from the beauty of your furniture. In fact, it looks like a big chewed up sweet has been stuck on the corner but at least they'll stop your toddler from a nasty and painful bump!

Cordless Blinds
Something I'm also looking into for our home is cordless blinds. A lot of blinds are now designed with child-safety features, however Blinds 2 Go have gone a step further with their completely Cordless Duo Shade Blinds. The blinds don't have any cords, chains or toggles and are simply lifted up and down by hand. They are available in a six different shades and have a honeycomb pocket design, which acts as a noise barrier. I think they offer that little extra peace of mind and are certainly worth looking into if you're currently doing-up your baby's nursery or toddler bedroom.

What are your top toddler-proofing products for the home? I'd love your recommendations!

Megan x