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5 Cosy Autumn Home Picks

When I think of Autumn, beautiful coloured leaves, chunky knits and ankle boots spring to mind but when it comes to the home, it's all about being cosy. Everyone and their mother seems to be throwing around this Danish 'Hygge' word, associated with being cosy and content right now. Apparently it's now a trend. But as I'm not sure I'm cool enough to use it in proper context, I'm sticking with what I know and that's just plain old cosy home stuff. Here are my top five picks from some of my favourite online stores...

1. Terracotta & Speckled Mug @ Rose & Grey
A new season calls for new mugs (a rule I've just made up) and these terracotta & speckled mugs from Rose & Grey are just beautiful! I can't pinpoint exactly why they're 'autumnal' (...I hate the use of that word) but I can just imagine filling them up with a creamy coffee or hot chocolate, snuggling under a blanket and feeling oh-so-cosy.

2. Faux Fur Cushion Cover @ H&M
If my wardrobe could speak, it would tell you just how much I love faux fur. There's probably one-too-many jackets in there but really, who's counting? Faux fur screams autumn to me and I love this little cushion cover from H&M. I definitely think with faux fur, less is more. The key is to pick out just a couple of pieces from your home so you don't over-do it. Side note: I buy a lot of cushion covers from H&M but end up buying the 'inners' from other sites like Amazon as they tend to be cheaper.

3. Seagrass Storage Basket @ Matalan
You're probably wondering how a basket could be cosy...but stay with me. I'd be using this to store blankets, books and magazines, so they're there ready and waiting for your cosy nights in. On reflection, I'm not sure this storage basket from Matalan would actually be big enough to store a blanket now I've looked at the measurements but you get the idea!

4. Cable-Knit Blanket @ H&M
Cable-Knit is definitely an Autumn / Winter thing and this blanket from H&M looks so cosy and warm. I have a bit of a thing for pom poms at the moment (I've just treated myself to a big fluffy pom pom key ring) so the design is right up my street. This would look lovely draped over your sofa with the faux fur cushion to accompany it.

5. Glass Bell Jar with Star Fairy Lights @ Not On The High Street
My favourite pick of them all is this glass bell jar, filled with beautiful fairy lights from Lights4Fun. I feel like it'd add a touch of magic to your cosy space or make for an enchanting table centrepiece.

Megan x