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Buttery Lemon Biscuits Recipe

This week marks National Baking Week so I thought I'd share one of my latest bakes - Buttery Lemon Biscuits inspired by this recipe on the Good Food Channel website! The buttery lemon biscuits are so simple to make but taste delicious.

180g plain flour
1 lemon (zest, grated)
125g butter
50g caster sugar

For the method I suggest heading over to the original source I used, as I don't want to steal someone else's recipe!

Funnily enough I ended up having to use a Gü pot as a cookie-cutter as I couldn't find mine! I have about ten million Gü pots - a scary reminder of how many cheesecakes we've eaten over the years. But anyway, it was the perfect cookie-cutter alternative, creating a great size and shaped biscuit. I baked the biscuits for around 7 minutes and felt that was the perfect time!

It's strange really because I don't usually like lemon flavoured sweet treats but these biscuits really are delicious. They melt in the mouth with their gorgeous buttery texture and are somewhat refreshing, especially with a nice cup of tea. They went down a treat with my family so I'm sure they'll become a regular bake from now on!

I'm keen to do some baking with Arthur soon and have an easy-peasy cornflake and cherry traybake recipe to share, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Megan x