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Happy Halloween!

Although we didn't get round to pumpkin picking in a field and getting all those Instagram-worthy shots (we just made do with Sainsbury's finest), we did have great fun spending our Sunday afternoon pumpkin carving. I've got to admit, I'm pretty proud of our efforts! I had every faith in my other half and his pumpkin carving skills (how amazing is the cannibal pumpkin he free-handed?!) but I really surprised myself! I think it was all down to having a good stencil, so spending a fiver on a pumpkin carving kit and stencils on eBay was totally worth it...even if I did see a similar set in Pound World for you guessed it...a pound...oops.

As well as carving pumpkins we decided to have a go at making a pumpkin pie with the leftovers and that turned out pretty well too! I'm not really into cinnamon, cloves and all those sort of spices but even I thought it tasted quite pleasant. The other half absolutely loved it so it was definitely worth the effort of picking out all the seeds (which we also toasted). I'm hoping to make some sort of curried pumpkin soup with the little portion I have left - that'll definitely be more up my street! Waste not want not and all that.

Of course, like most mums out there I wanted to dress Arthur up in an adorable Halloween costume and take loads of pictures but it didn't quite go to plan. Why? Well, Arthur hates his costume. Thankfully I bought it in age 3-4 years so fingers crossed it'll fit him next year when he'll hopefully think dressing up like a little devil and posing for lots of pictures is much more fun. One can hope...

However you're celebrating (or in some cases not celebrating) Halloween, I hope you have a lovely day!

Megan xx
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