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How to make your conservatory the most relaxing room in the house

Your conservatory could easily be the most pleasant space in your home thanks to its spectacular garden views, sunny disposition and peaceful, tranquil feel. From introducing comfortable furnishings made from quality suppliers such as Rattan Direct to adding some cosy accessories, here are some tips for making your conservatory relaxing.

Simply by choosing the right colours, furniture and accessories, you'll find that your underused conservatory can be transformed into a peaceful and luxurious heaven where you can take refuge at the end of a long and stressful day.

Tranquil Colours for a Peaceful Refuge
Make the wrong colour choice and you'll find that your conservatory can appear rather clinical and cold, however just by adding a touch of colour you'll find that instantly your room is changed into a welcoming and warm environment. Paint solid walls with pastel tones as this will soften its lines and create a feel of light and airiness. Most colours work well in conservatories thanks to the natural light, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Choose the Right Furniture
Even if your furniture looks beautiful, if it doesn't feel comfortable to sit on you won't get much use out of it. The key is to choose sofas and chairs which are pleasant to sit in and which invite you to sit down, relax and put your feet up.

Classic rattan upholstered sofas such as those from Rattan Direct are a perfect choice since they will never go out of style and will last for a long time. You could even pair them with a matching coffee table with a glass top that will look beautiful in any kind of conservatory, but which will be durable and practical too.

Choose Beautiful Blinds
Although the large windows in a conservatory are the primary benefit of the space thanks to the lovely views of the garden that they offer, they can also be one of the more problematic elements of this space. Large windows mean that the space can be far too hot during the summer months but also that the room can become unbearably cold during the winter.

You can resolve this problem by using energy saving blinds, which will filter out the direct sunlight during the summer months, helping to keep the space cool enough to enjoy, but which will also help to keep the room cosy during the cold weather so that you can maximise your use of this convenient part of your home all year round.

Energy saving blinds are stylish, yet incredibly practical since they can protect your furnishings and fabrics from changing colour due to fading from the strong sunlight which comes shining through the windows. Make sure to get your blinds professionally fitted for the best possible results. Made to measure conservatory blinds are the best idea since they will be customised to your individual windows and will transform the space into a relaxing oasis of calm.

Welcome Your Garden Inside
Blur the lines between your conservatory and the garden outside its window by creating a more tropical feel for your space. By adding lots of pot plants, indoor hanging baskets and vases of flowers, you can enjoy a more natural feel in your space.

Embrace exotic ferns, citrus fruit trees or bird of paradise flowers to bring the feeling of being on holiday right into your home, or even create an amazing talking point with a stunning living wall.

Accessorising Your Room
Once your conservatory has been beautifully decorated and furnished, it's time to put a few luxurious finishing touches to the space to create the perfect sanctuary. Personalise your room with memorable and special items – maybe some art that you've created yourself, a hand-made cushion or a unique souvenir that you've brought back from a special holiday.

Accessorise with stylish statement pieces like colourful cushions, a bright area rug or a spectacular and decorative mirror to reflect the light even more. A planter with an unusual shape or design would be the perfect addition and upholstery fabrics in eye-catching designs will transform your conservatory into an inviting and relaxing space to be enjoyed all year round.

Are you ready to create the perfect tranquil and relaxing oasis in your conservatory? Then visit Rattan Direct and discover a stunning range of stylish rattan furniture that will complement your space and d├ęcor, making it even more inviting, both in winter and in summer.

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