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Why Becoming a Teaching Assistant Is Perfect for First-Time Mums

If you are a first-time mum, you may want to consider taking a teaching assistant courses from NCC Home Learning. We give reasons why the role as a mum and role as a teaching assistant work well together below.

You’ll find your own reasons as to why becoming a teaching assistant is perfect if you’re a first-time mum. However, the most common and popular reasons are as follows:

More Time with Your Children
As a first-time mum, you’ll want to spend every waking hour with your child. Unfortunately, this is not possible for most mums. By working as a teaching assistant, you’ll be able to have more time in the evenings and holidays with your child. Although you may be required to work late on some days, you’ll generally have a set schedule every day.

You may have read how tiring the hours are for teachers. One of the advantages of being a teaching assistant is that you’ll have less responsibility than teachers. This means you'll have more freedom and more spare time on your day off, resulting in more time to spend with your son or daughter.

Helps You Juggle Life
Your daily life as a teaching assistant will be made up juggling just about anything and everything. You’ll be trying to help one child stop crying as you talk to the class teacher and help another student find their lunchbox. You’ll become superwoman! If you manage to tackle all of this in the classroom, imagine what kind of skills you’ll have with one baby at home?!

You’ll Keep Updated on How Schools Run
Education is constantly changing and if you’ve just had your first baby, the chances are that by the time he or she is ready for school, the way schools do things will have changed. How nice will it be to really know how the industry works, to really know what to expect for your child so that you know they’re getting the education that they deserve?

Become a teaching assistant and you’ll be able to get to know which schools in your area are thriving and which schools to avoid.

Bond with Children
Although you’re a first-time mum, you may or may not have a natural bond with children. Becoming a teaching assistant will allow you to naturally interact and bond with children. You’ll be able to have fun reading stories and playing together; something that you’ll enjoy doing with your own child.

Motherly Instinct
Children need someone around them who are going to care about them. Being a first-time mum will help you in your career here. Little ones will love and respect you for being someone to look up to and rely on when their own parents are not there. Older students don’t need smothering, but still need someone to turn to from time to time. Having that maternal instinct will often aid you in the workplace in situations like these.

Talking with Parents
Sometimes you’ll have to liaise with parents as a teaching assistant. First time mums will do well at this because they understand what parents want for their children. If a child or a parent has an issue, with your natural motherly ways, you’ll want to resolve this to benefit all involved.

If you can help communicate between the school and parents, you’ll become a well-loved member of the staff by your employer and the parents of the children you work with. This will make you feel like you’re progressing and accomplishing something good, which in turn will make you a happy employee.

You Won’t Mind Helping Doing out of Classroom Activities and Tasks
If you work in a primary or secondary school, you may end up on school trips that other adults dread. As a first-time mum, you’ll be used to it. This may even give you the opportunity to find good places to take your own child!

Young primary school children may also have a few accidents that nobody really wants to clean up… Mums to the rescue!

Although we have spoken about first time mums, more and more dads are deciding to take up careers in teaching and teaching assistants. If you’re a dad for the first time, or a dad for the fifth time and want to qualify as a teaching assistant, do it!

All parents are great at being teaching assistants; are you a parent who decided to go down this career path? What has your experience been? Have you got any tips to share?

If you’re a first time mum and have been thinking about becoming a teaching assistant, check out NCC Home Learning.

Megan x

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