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Scuttlebug Review - A great gift for Christmas!

With Christmas coming up, I thought I'd share a few reviews here and there of some of Arthur's most-loved toys, as you never know, they could provide a little inspiration for gifting! Today I wanted to tackle the Scuttlebug, which has been a huge hit with him ever since I bought it. For those not already familiar with the Scuttlebug, it's basically a lightweight ride-on, ideal for toddlers that are active and interested in bikes but not quite ready to balance or pedal! I bought Arthur's earlier this year when he was around 18 months old but it is suitable for ages one year and over. The Scuttlebug is available in a range of different colours and can be used both indoors and outside.

Unlike other ride-on toys for toddlers, the Scuttlebug is compact and practical. You can simply fold the legs and handlebars down in just three clicks, making it easy to take out and about for your toddler. Arthur loves using his Scuttlebug in the house but we also regularly take it to the park so he can ride up and down the path. I love that I can carry it along without having to worry about it being too heavy or getting in the way.

Arthur finds it really easy to scoot along using his feet and the handlebars make it easy for him to turn left and right. Once you have locked the wheels into place, the Scuttlebug is extremely sturdy, giving you peace of mind that your little one will maintain their balance and safety. The age range is 1-3 years but of course, you have to consider your child's height and weight too. I reckon Arthur will get at least another six month's or so use out of it before he's ready for something a little more advanced.

The price of the Scuttlebug is also extremely reasonable - usually around the £20 mark but different designs seem to come with a slightly different price tag. Argos is currently selling Scuttlebugs at £19.99 but it's worth looking on Amazon too, as the Scuttlebug Butterfly is priced at just £15.99.

And to top it all off, the Scuttlebug is ready to use out of the box (well almost - you've just got to do the three easy clicks) perfect for excited and impatient toddlers on Christmas Day!

Megan x
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