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Scented Gift Candles from Brinley Williams

I don't know about you but I feel like candles are a fail-safe gift for any occasion - birthdays, valentine's, anniversaries, you name it! And with Christmas just  a few weeks away, what better time to share a lovely personalised scented candle from Welsh company, Brinley Williams?

Aside from a beautiful scent, the thing I always look for in a candle, is an attractive design. After all, we live in the age of Instagram and if I've got a good-looking candle, I'm more than likely gonna stick it on my feed...as sad as that sounds. When it comes to design, Brinley Williams' are definitely insta-worthy with their minimalist monochrome quote designs. There are a number of different quotes to choose from, which can be matched to different gifting occasions, or if you prefer you can make up your own! If you're thinking of getting someone a Christmas candle, the option to personalise the text will make the gift that little bit more special. It's worth noting that the text is actually printed onto the glass (it's not just a sticker) and you can re-use the container as a votive or tea light holder.

Brinley Williams' glass gift candles come in a range of different scents, with something to suit everyone. Although I would usually pick a sweet scent like 'Pure Vanilla' or 'Fairy Dust' in a heartbeat, I decided to go for 'Black Pomegranate' as I thought it'd be a little more festive! The scent is fairly powerful even before burning but once lit, it mellows out and is perfect for creating a Christmassy scent in the home.

At £18.00 it may not seem like the cheapest candle on the market but neither is it the most expensive for it's weight, quality and burn time. You're paying for a quality handmade candle with expectations of 40-50 hours burn time, so compared to other candles of a similar standard it's a fair price. Unfortunately if you want a lid for your candle, you have to pay an extra £3.00 which in my opinion is a little excessive but it is of course optional, as is a gift box, which requires you to pay a further £2.50.

If candles are your thing or you know someone who'd love a candle for Christmas, the Brinley Williams scented glass candles are definitely worth checking out. With stylish designs, scents to suit all and the option for personalisation, I think they'd make a really lovely gift this Christmas.

Megan x
PR Item. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This scent sounds lovely, is it like Pomegranate Noir? I have become addicted to buying scented candles from Osmology, their brands are all amazing!