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5 Toddler Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Who else love clothes shopping for their child way more than for themselves? I always have so much fun picking up clothes for Arthur - probably because he looks good in everything! Of course, babies and toddlers grow super quickly, so I'm always mindful of how much I buy and how much it costs. You don't want to overbuy or spend a fortune on clothing, if they're going to grow out of it quickly.

With this in mind, I tend to buy most toddler clothing on the high street. It's not only excellent in quality but affordable and stylish too. As we are still in the midst of a pretty cold season, I thought I'd share five winter wardrobe staples for toddlers - all from high street brands.

1. Padded Coat - When it comes to shopping for boys coats and jackets, you are simply spoilt for choice. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, there's something to suit all. After Arthur grew out of his gorgeous yellow fisherman's coat (which I loved so, so much) I decided to buy him something that looked a little warmer for winter. This padded coat was from H&M and comes in the grey marl colour pictured above or an equally lovely dark blue. I love the faux fur hood and think it's great for particularly windy or rainy days, though Arthur's not that fond of it - good job it's detachable!

2. Beanie Hat - Seeing as Arthur's not a big fan of wearing a hood, I make sure he never leaves the house without his trusty red beanie. I think all toddlers look cute in hats and they're great for keeping their little ears warm.

3. Walking boots - Arthur's got a lovely pair of trainers and some gorgeous red wellies for puddle jumping but my favourite pair have to be these little brown walking boots from H&M. He seems to find them comfortable to wear and I imagine they provide good support for his feet and ankles. They actually zip-up but the laces are a lovely fashion-feature. They go with all of his little outfits and seem to be something other mums love too! I've had so many people stop me and ask me where I bought them from!

4. Stretchy Jeans - I tend to dress Arthur in jeans if we're going out but I think it's so important they're comfortable and allow him to move around, as he would in joggers. All of his jeans are from Next, as they are stylish, stretchy and really soft. I do find the sizes come up big though, so it's worth keeping in mind if you're placing an order online.

5. Puddle Suit - When we bought Arthur this puddle suit from Debenhams, I wasn't sure how much wear he'd get out of it but with it being so cold this winter, it's become a real essential. Not only does it keep him dry on wetter days but it's also great for adding an extra layer of warmth. On particularly cold days I'll pop his coat or gilet on top of his puddle suit (which he usually wears tucked into his wellies) to make sure he's extra warm. I'll definitely be getting the next size up in this soon!

What are your toddler winter wardrobe essentials? Do you tend to buy most of your kids clothes on the high street too?

Megan x
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