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Created by Magic Personalised Print

When Arthur was born I had every intention of getting a personalised print for his nursery but it was one of those things that just didn't happen. His nursery was beautiful nonetheless. Pinterest-worthy in fact. And even though I miss it's pretty palette, his toddler bedroom in our new home is every bit as lovely. It may not have an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme right now but with all his toys, photographs and prints, it's full of character and I think that's much more important to a young child anyway.

One of the latest additions to Arthur's toddler bedroom is this gorgeous Space themed print from Created By Magic. The watercolour design is simply beautiful and with Arthur's newfound love for rockets, it's the perfect choice. What makes it even more special for me, is that it features his name, date of birth and birth weight (9lb 3oz - yep he was a big'n) so I've finally got a personalised baby print we can keep forever!

The Personalised Space Nursery print* (£15) is available in A4 premium watercolour paper (my choice) or A3 premium matt paper. You can tell the paper is high quality and the print looks even more beautiful than in digital form on-screen! The print does arrive unframed, however you only need a simple (and fairly cheap) frame like the one I've chosen from Amazon, to show it off perfectly. I think it'd make such a lovely new baby gift, christening gift or even present to yourself if you're currently expecting! There's also a lovely selection of other personalised prints on the Created By Magic website, equally as beautiful in design.

I'm so, so pleased with the quality and design of my personalised print from Created By Magic and already have my eye on a couple of other designs I may add to my home in the near future! If like me, you love a good print then you'll want to make use of the fantastic 20% discount, Laura from Created By Magic is generously offering Seek My Scribbles' readers. All you need to do is enter 'SCRIBBLES18' at the checkout! (Expires 30/11/18)

Megan x
*Item gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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