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Toddler Activity | Making a Herb Garden

I'm the first to admit that I've never been that into gardening. Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty garden but putting my hands into soil full of creepy crawlies, sends a few shudders down my spine! But Arthur has been showing an interest in the outdoors and if it's important to him, then it's important to me.

Back in the autumn, we got some gorgeous new pots for the garden (they were actually for my mum's birthday) and Arthur has had such fun watering the bulbs she planted. We've also recently put up a bird table outside and he loves watching the birds take the food. He's started identifying the different colours of the birds and as a bird lover herself, I know my mum will enjoy telling him all about the different kinds.

I'm always looking for new activities to try with Arthur and as it's a little too cold to be sitting out in the garden for long periods of time, we thought we'd do some inside gardening, in the form of growing herbs instead. I actually bought this herb growing set for my mum, knowing that she'd enjoy using them in her cooking. But she's taken so long to do it, we thought we'd get her started!

Arthur had such fun planting the seeds and I know he'll enjoy watching them grow. I'd love to find some other ways we can bring the outdoors inside and add a little more greenery to the home. I've actually picked up some ideas from this interesting guide by Rattan Direct, on the Garden Design Trends for 2018. Indoor plants and things like terrariums to house them in, are a big trend this year and I've already been eyeing up a few design ideas on Pinterest.

I can't wait to do some outdoor gardening with Arthur when it gets a little warmer. I'll definitely be doing my best to put any creepy crawly fears aside - I don't want him to be scared of something just because his mummy is. And we'll definitely be seeking the help of granny too - after all she's the green fingered one in our house!

Megan x
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  1. Lovely post and thank you Arhtur for planting Gran's indoor herb garden. We will enjoy watching them grow together and watering them (not too much) and think what lovely dishes Gran can cook for you and mummy xxx

  2. Amazing blog post! Love this!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Thursday
    Much love, Len