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The Childhood Tag

It's been a while since I did a blog tag here on Seek My Scribbles but when Emma got in touch about The Childhood Tag she created with Mulberry Bush, I thought it was the perfect one to share. So here goes...

1. What were you not expecting or not prepared for before becoming a parent?
I honestly don't think anyone can prepare you for the newborn days. There's such a flood of emotions and I remember feeling so overwhelmed with love for my son but also more exhausted than I've ever been in my life. Still, you somehow manage to keep going! As a first time mum I felt completely unprepared for that first night in hospital, where it's just you and your baby. Despite reading books, leaflets and blogs, I felt so clueless but there comes a point where it all clicks and you think, I've got this!

2. What is your main advice for new parents?
I was going to say 'don't get hung up on other people's advice' but then I thought of something and that's to set your own visitors rules for those first few days. If you want every single member of your family and friendship group visiting you, then go for it (just make sure they know it's them making the drinks and snacks). But if you want some time for you and your partner (or whoever you're sharing the experience with) to bond with your baby privately that's completely okay and no one should tell you otherwise. You set the rules and don't feel pressured.

3. How do you encourage family time?
We make the effort to have fun days out at the weekend, whether it's a walk in the woods, a trip to the beach or going for a picnic (though we've not really had the weather for that recently!)

4. How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties?
That's a question I should really be asking someone who's mastered it better than me! I think it can be hard to find the balance as a working-from-home parent. I don't blog or freelance full time at the moment as it's just not something I'm personally able to do as Arthur's sole parent. I do however take my opportunities when they arise - I'll blog or write if Arthur takes an afternoon nap and I'll spend my evenings writing or doing something blog-related too. I'm also lucky that my mum gives me a hand looking after Arthur a few hours a week. I think it's all about finding the balance that works for you and your child.

5. What was your favourite toy growing up?
I was a typical girly-girl so really into my Barbies and I also had an adorable Cabbage Patch Kid called Brandy-Polly who I adored. I loved Sylvalian Families and had a horse stable too. I wouldn't say I had one particular favourite toy as like with most kids, it changed all the time!

6. Have you kept any toys from your childhood?
Apparently Brandy-Polly is still in the garage but I've not seen her myself for years! We've also got all my Beanie Babies, which I forgot to mention above! Everyone kept hold of them thinking they were going to be worth something someday (remember the tag protectors you could buy for them?!) but I'm almost certain it's never going to happen. I think I'll be getting them out for Arthur soon, if they're still in a good condition.

7. What are your child's favourite toys?
Arthur's really into vehicles - trains, cars, tractors and planes. I've also noticed he's started enjoying his jigsaws a lot more recently, as well as playing with Play Doh and doing other crafty bits with me.

8. Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kid has?
Ah such a controversial topic and a conversation I avoid at the best of times! I think in this day and age it's very difficult to go completely screen-free - after all devices are everywhere. As a parent I think it's your job to be mindful of what your kids are watching, how much they're watching and find a balance.

9. How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? - Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.?
Me and Arthur currently live with my parents and my mum (who takes charge of the food shops) has excellent values when it comes to looking after the planet (including the people and animals living on it). She's therefore very mindful of the products we buy and as a family, we recycle as much as possible.

10. What advice would you give parents that want to start blogging?
Find your voice and go for it! I've made some great friends through blogging and still enjoy doing it all these years later.

Tag, you're it! Since Mulberry Bush created this tag and Emma passed it on to me, I am going to continue the game by passing it on to Abbie from A Beautiful Delight and Sophia from TattooedTeaLady. Feel free to join in if you want to!

Megan x

A Winter Visit to The Eden Project

During our recent trip to Cornwall, we visited a number of different tourist sites and attractions but one of the ones I was most looking forward to was The Eden Project. For those unfamiliar with this Cornish visitor attraction, The Eden Project describes itself an 'educational charity, which aims to connect us with the living world and explore how we can work towards creating a better future.' Located in the hamlet of Bodelva, it was just 25 minutes from our accommodation at Forest Holidays Deerpark and very well signposted.

Photo credit: Smithy.1990
I guess the first thing to really hit you when you enter the Eden Project is the sheer size of it! The biomes look absolutely huge, nestled in the crater - a reclaimed clay pit. I felt so excited to see and learn more about the thousands of plant species they housed.

Toddler / Pushchair-Friendly
Even though Arthur's very mobile these days, I always feel more comfortable if we can take the pushchair out with us and was pleased to discover that the Eden Project is very pushchair-friendly. If you have a toddler, I definitely recommend taking a pushchair or buggy as the walk to and from the biomes to the visitor centre may be a little too much for tired legs! It's worth noting that there are various different paths you can take (which vary in gradient) and a land train, which you can find out more about here.

The Rainforest Biome
The two giant biomes are both themed, with one specialising in Rainforest climates and the other Mediterranean. We visited the Rainforest biome first (the largest indoor rainforest in the world) and I was immediately aware of the change in climate (and temperature) as we stepped inside. The scenery was awe-inspiring, with plants from the Tropical Islands, Southeast Asia, West Africa and Tropical South America. I remember looking up at the trees towering over me and just thinking 'wow, this is something else!'

Photo credit: Smithy.1990
The Rainforest has always fascinated me, so I enjoyed learning about some of the different plants and produce it bears. I also particularly loved the waterfall feature, which crashed through the rainforest landscape and provided a much-welcomed spray of cooling water. It was understandably quite warm in the biome, with temperatures of 18–35°C (probably should have taken my bobble hat off!)

Being 'out of season' in January, we were able to explore the biome at a leisurely pace and read the information plaques dotted around. I think you were provided with just enough information about each plant and they were designed to educate all ages, from kids to grownups.

We also got very snap happy but with so many beautiful flowers and plants around you, how could you not?

Kids' softplay and refreshments
After spending a good while exploring the Rainforest biome and enjoying a quick refreshment at the Baobab bar (we opted for a tasty smoothy but there's rum cocktails on offer too!) we headed back to the Visitor Centre to give Arthur time in the softplay area. We were told there were mini 'outdoor play areas' dotted around the site but amidst a quick downpour, we headed straight for the indoor play area! Admittedly, it was only a small area but perfect for giving your toddler a break from their pushchair and letting them meet and play with other kids. There's a little cafe next to the play area (I think they may be refurbishing the bigger cafe) so my other half and I were able to have a quick coffee and cake before heading back to the Mediterranean biome.

Photo credit: Smithy.1990
It's worth noting that the Eden Project houses a number of eateries, serving food made from local and sustainably sourced ingredients. Being winter, I don't think all of the restaurants were open, however the Eden Kitchen looked to be serving a room full of happy customers!

Photo credit: Smithy.1990
The Mediterranean Biome
Inside the Med biome we explored landscapes of South Africa, California, Western Australia and of course, the Mediterranean itself, all of which share hot dry summers, frost-free rainy winters and are known for their fruits, fine wines and good crops. Plants native to Mediterranean climates thrive on a lack of water and poor soils, producing evergreen-like leaves and protective oils to survive.

Being fairly late on in the afternoon, the Mediterranean biome was quiet and we found the perfect opportunity to let Arthur have a roam round. His face lit up when he found a wooden tractor and dragon's throne to sit on - I love that they thought of these things for the kids! Although I found it a little harder to take in the information plaques with my toddler running loose, I feel like the Mediterranean biome offered a real sensory experience, with it's beautiful colours and herby aromas.

The pros and cons of a winter visit...
I think one of the positives of a winter visit to the Eden Project is that it's not overly packed and therefore really easy to get around with a pushchair - I imagine in summer it'll be much, much busier.

Unfortunately because it was winter, I feel we missed out on seeing some of the beautiful outdoor gardens, flowerbeds and indoor exhibitions because they were newly planted and not yet in bloom.

With tickets costing £27.50 (£25 advance ticket) for adults and £14 (£12.60 in advance) for children age 5-16 (under 4's go free), you have to decide whether you'd rather go in the summer, when there's perhaps more to see and more 'going on' or go in the winter, when it's a little quieter and potentially more relaxing.

Photo credit: Smithy.1990
A great day out for the family!
All in all, we came away from the Eden Project having had a really fun (and somewhat educational) family day out. My other half thoroughly enjoyed getting creative with his photographs and I loved getting to explore a place of interest that I'd only ever experienced through the television screen before! I feel like little Arthur had a good day too. Although at his age, he's definitely too young to take in information about the plants, the Eden Project offered a great visual experience. I'm sure it's a place we'll take him back to when he's older, interested in learning more and probably eyeing up the adventure activities that his mum will never be brave enough for - haha!

Have you visited the Eden Project or is it somewhere you'd like to visit?

Read more of my Cornwall Diaries:
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Megan x
Disclaimer: We received complimentary entry to the Eden Project in exchange for an honest review.

Ideas for our Travel Bucket List 2018

Ever since we came back from our lovely stay in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago, I've been dreaming about our next family getaway. I'm all for staycations - especially with a toddler in tow but I'd really love to go abroad at some point this year (or next) and I'm pretty sure Arthur would be the most excited little boy in the world, getting on a plane for the first time! So when Destination2 got in touch asking if I'd like to share my travel bucket list, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to draw up some potential options for a (hopeful) trip abroad this year.

Now, I know bucket lists are usually reserved for exotic, once-in-a-lifetime holiday dreams of visiting places like the Caribbean and Barbados but when you're not very well travelled yourself and have a young child, destinations with a shorter flight time are more appealing for a (realistic) bucket list right now!

One place I'd love to visit again is Greece - the food is amazing, the beaches are beautiful and I enjoy the history too. A few years back (before I had Arthur) I went on an amazing girls holiday to Rhodes with three of my best friends. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Pefkos and found the perfect balance between relaxing by the pool and exploring the beautiful island. Given the opportunity, I'd definitely love to visit other islands, like Crete and Kos. Santorini also looks particularly dreamy and is a destination that's always appealed to me for a romantic getaway. I feel like Greece has something offer everyone - an educational experience, beautiful beaches and plenty to do. So whether you're on a trip with friends, a romantic break or a young family holiday, it ticks all the boxes.

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels
When I was much, much younger, I visited Spain with my family but unfortunately, other than knowing I had a good time, I can't really remember much about it. I'd really like to visit some of the Spanish islands - they're popular sun holiday destinations and offer a reasonable flight time for toddler travel too! Holidays to Tenerife and Majorca seem to be fairly reasonably priced and with sunshine, picturesque landscapes and historical beauty spots - what more could you want?

Other destinations on my bucket list are Italy and Iceland! I visited Lake Garda in my teens but I'd love to go back to Italy now that I'm older, as I just feel like I'd appreciate it so much more. The food, the history, the culture, the beauty of the landscapes - it really is a dream destination and somewhere I'd love to explore with the boys. Iceland has also been on my 'holiday radar' for a while, after watching a vlog by The Michalaks. I was so jealous when my brother and his girlfriend went back in the autumn and saw the Northern Lights. The scenery looks awe-inspiring. It's a place that really fascinates me and I'd love to see it for myself. Of course, these two destinations are a little more pricey, so probably not somewhere we'll be visiting this year as a family but definitely in the future!

Photo by Rudolf Kirchner from Pexels
Thinking about some of the places I'd like to visit with the boys has got me wanting to book somewhere right now...better renew my passport and start saving first though!

What destinations are on your holiday bucket list?
Have you got any advice / recommendations for taking a toddler on holiday abroad?

Megan x
Collaborative Post

Spring Fashion Wishlist | George @ Asda

As much as I love dressing for winter, I'm well and truly ready for spring. Well, I say I'm ready but looking at my wardrobe, it could definitely do with a bit of a refresh! After browsing George at Asda's homeware the other day, I noticed they had some lovely women's clothing in their 'New In' section and quickly curated a wishlist of some of the beautiful items I'd love to add to my wardrobe this spring...

Polka Dot Sun Dress // Floral Tie Waist Dress // Ruffled Floral Dress
This spring I'd really like to add a few day dresses to my wardrobe. It's rather lacking in the dress department because like many mums (I'm sure) I usually go for the practical option of jeans and an oversized jumper. I love the gorgeous patterns on these dresses and the fact they're all under £20 makes them even more appealing!

Cardigans and jumpers are still a must-have for spring in the UK and this bold and beautiful yellow cardigan from George really caught my eye. Yellow isn't a colour I wear very often but I remember having a similar shade cardigan a good few years back and I found it went with so many things!

How pretty are the embroidered bell sleeve top and denim skirt featured above?! I love anything embroidered and would love to add these to my wardrobe this spring. Of course, I wouldn't be wearing them together - my rule is one piece of embroidered clothing per outfit! But I think the top would look gorgeous with the light distressed denim skinny jeans featured below and the embroidered denim skirt would look lovely with a plain t-shirt or cami, with the yellow cardigan thrown over the top.

A new season means a new pair of boots right? I tend to wear flat boots these days but I think these 2 inch tassel ankle boots from George are more than manageable (even for me). I love the tassel detailing and think these would look great with dress and tights outfits.

Although I'm not short of jumpers, I love this neutral knit from George, which has button detailing on the shoulders. It'd go perfectly with skinny jeans and boots and would provide a much-needed layer of warmth!

What's on your spring fashion wishlist?

Megan x
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Real Coffee Pods Review

Working from home and looking after my son, I'm very lucky that I don't ever have to rush in the mornings. Okay, I never really get a lie in (who does with a toddler?) but there's no mad panic to get our stuff together and out of the door and I don't take that for granted. Breakfast usually involves me whipping up a bowl of porridge for Arthur (or toast if he prefers) and grabbing my first coffee of the day - something I definitely look forward to! Recently it's been the Real Coffee Pods for Nespresso machines that have been making early mornings that little more enjoyable.

Real Coffee is a small Danish company that has recently entered the UK market. The brand not only works to produce high quality coffee pods, made from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans but has environmental and sustainability values too. Real Coffee currently offers 80% Fairtrade coffee and three organic varieties but their mission is to become 100% Fairtrade and exclusively organic in the future. Their plastic pods are recyclable and they are actively working to create a capsule for Nespresso machines that can be composted. I do like a brand with good values!

The first thing that stood out to me about Real Coffee is that you can Pick & Mix your coffee pods selection on their website. Simply select the pack size you require and start adding your pods. It's great if it's your first order from them, as it gives you the option to try all of the different blends and intensities to see what you like best. Real Coffee kindly offered me a large 250 pack* to try and I selected a mix of pods, which included Espresso Roma, Espresso Venezia, Espresso Verona, Espresso Napoli, Espresso Bologna, Torino Decaf, Espresso Caramel, Lungo San Marino and Lungo Columbia. You can find the description of each pod down the side of the ordering page which gives you a good idea of their flavours and intensity.

I've had a little time to try and test all of the different capsules and I have to say, you can really tell the difference between the blends. My favourite at the moment is the Espresso Bologna (green pod), which has an intensity of 5 out of 8 and is described as having a smooth taste and dark crema. This is my go-to espresso in the mornings - the velvety taste is next to none and it makes a lovely longer drink with warm milk. My mum said she particularly likes the Espresso Napoli, as it has a more creamy taste (I think it makes the best lattes) and we all really like the Lungo San Marino too - a creamy dark roasted coffee, which is both 100% organic and Fairtrade. The Torino Decaf (blue pod) is a great addition for those who don't want or can't have caffeine. There's definitely no compromise on taste.

What's great about having a selection pack with different blends is there's something to appeal to everyone in the household. Whether you're drinking them black or with added hot water, milk or cream, the high quality flavours really stand out and I think that's what makes a good coffee pod. The only thing that could improve these pods for us as a family, would be to have what they are printed on the actual pods. We tend to store ours in a holder on the worktop, rather than keep them in the boxes, so it'd be useful having the names printed on them for easy identification too.

As you're probably aware, a number of brands now make coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines, which is great as they are often more affordable than the named brand itself. After doing a little research I've found that Real Coffee offer some of the most affordable coffee pods available for Nespresso machines. The Large Pack I received containing 250 capsules, works out at just 22p a pod, which I think you'll agree is very reasonable. And the fact the quality of the coffee is exceptionally good makes Real Coffee pods a real-winner for daily coffee drinking.

Thankfully we've still got a good few packs to get through (can't be without my coffee - trust me) but Real Coffee is definitely a brand we'll be ordering Nespresso-compatible pods from in the very near future.

Megan x
*PR Item

Living Room Refresh

With spring just over a month away, there's no better time for a living room refresh. I love that a new season brings a whole host of new design ideas and colour palettes to explore. Whether you're looking to spend a little or a lot on updating your living room for the season ahead, I've shared a few tips, ideas and products to get you started...

Swap your cushion covers and throws
An easy (and relatively inexpensive) way to refresh your living room is to swap your old cushion covers and throws for new ones! Say bye bye to your warm, winter fabrics and hello to lighter cotton and linen offerings. George has some really gorgeous Modern Country cushions - all under £10!

Bring the outdoors inside
Spring is a time where plants and flowers flourish, so why not add a few to your living room? Plants can help to create a more positive living space and there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. But if like me you're not the best at keeping them alive, a cactus or succulent may make a better choice! Or if you're really, really bad at looking after plants, artificial alternatives can help you achieve the look of bringing the outdoors inside, without actually doing it. These potted succulents from Wilko look so realistic and cost just £4 each.

Create a new focal point
Key rooms, like your living room, should have a focal point but this doesn't mean you can't swap or update it from time to time. Refreshing key pieces of furniture like your sofa can give your living room a whole new look. Of course, buying a new sofa is a big deal, so it's worth doing your research to make sure you choose a good investment piece! For me, it's important to find a sofa that is both stylish and comfortable. I've had sofas in the past that look great but aren't cosy and for a family living room that's just no good. Looking at Fishpools, there's a fantastic range of fabric sofas which offer both comfort and style. The Poppy Sofa featured above is particularly dreamy!

Update your ornaments
If you're on a tight budget but still want to refresh your living room for spring, a great way to do it is with new ornaments. A new vase for your mantel piece or tray for your coffee table can make a real difference - it's all about the detail. I love H&M for home accessories. They're always on-trend and reasonably priced. Take a look at the gorgeous leaf plate and pink stoneware pot I featured above for inspiration.

Find your spring signature scent
Finish off your living room refresh by finding a new scent for the season. After months of winter scents with notes of cinnamon, orange and pine, it's time to swap your candles and diffusers for something a little lighter and more refreshing for springtime. I really rate Marks & Spencer for their home fragrances. They're cruelty-free and what's more, cost just a fraction of the high end candle brands' offerings. Take a look at the set of 4 Multi Fragrance Diffusers, which have caught my eye - they're the perfect spring scents!

How will you be refreshing your living room this spring?

Megan x
*Collaborative post.

Easy Homemade Watercress Soup Recipe

Soup is one of my favourite things to eat in the winter but I've got to admit, I'm a bit of a soup snob and much prefer homemade. There's just something so comforting about a bowl of homemade soup and crusty bread on a cold winter's day and what's even better is that most soups are fairly easy to make! Recently I had a go at making Watercress soup for the first time and although it may not look the most appetising with it's mirky green colour, it tasted every bit as delicious as I'd hoped it would!

Bag of watercress
2 medium sized potatoes
1 white onion
1 shallot
400ml organic vegetable stock (I made mine with a Kallo Organic Vegetable Stock Cube)
2 garlic cloves (I just used two teaspoons of Very Lazy Garlic)
Double cream

- Peel and chop the onion, shallot and potatoes, before sautéing it in a pan with oil.
- Add the teaspoons of Lazy Garlic or if you're not lazy like me, your crushed garlic cloves.
- Make your stock and add it to the pan.
- Simmer until the potatoes are soft (this will take a little while).
- Tip in the bag of watercress and continue to simmer until it has wilted down.
- Add a splash of double cream and stir (it can be a big splash if you like your soup quite creamy!)
- Pop your pan full of homemade watercress soup into a blender or liquidiser (you could also use a hand blender but I always make a mess) and blitz.
- Serve with crusty bread and butter (or croutons if you prefer).

So there we have a very easy homemade watercress soup. In terms of cooking time, it should be around half an hour, maybe a little bit longer if you count the cleaning up! I found that this was quite a thick soup (just how I like it), though you could add a little more stock if you wanted a thinner consistency. If you're feeling extra naughty you could always crumble a little cheese into the soup too. Yum! Oh and it should make around two big soup bowls or three smaller portions.

Are you a soup fan? What's your favourite?
Megan x

Forest Holidays Deerpark | The Perfect Family Getaway

In celebration of my other half's birthday (and also because I wanted to prevent the post-Christmas blues) I decided to book a little family getaway to the Forest Holidays Deerpark site in Cornwall. Having fallen in love with Cornwall during our previous trip to Holywell Bay in the autumn, I was keen to go back and explore other parts of it and we certainly ticked off a fair few places during our four night stay!

The Forest Holidays Deerpark site was perfectly situated in Liskeard, just fifteen minutes from the Cornish coast and a stone's throw from places we wanted to visit, including the Eden Project. Set deep in the forest; with only forty five cabins, it offered the peaceful and private woodland experience we were hoping for. Many of the cabins sat around a picturesque ancient millpond, however our cabin was slightly higher up in the valley and offered equally as stunning views of the surrounding woodland. We actually both agreed that we much preferred the location of our cabin, as it felt that little more private and secluded.

The accommodation
Forest Holidays offer various cabin types, which cater to different party sizes, requirements and budgets. We opted for a Silver Birch cabin, suitable for 4-6 people that came with my must-have requirement - a hot tub! As you can see from the photos we took, the Silver Birch cabin at Forest Holidays was simply beautiful; kitted out with everything you need for the perfect family getaway. With two bedrooms (one with ensuite), a shower room, separate toilet and open plan kitchen / dining / living room, there was more than enough space for the three of us. I was really impressed that Forest Holidays had installed a stair gate (free of charge) to keep Arthur safe and also offered complimentary WiFi (suitable for simple tasks such as checking emails rather than streaming). It's little things like that, which make such a difference! There was also a flat screen TV with Freeview channels - ideal for entertaining Arthur early mornings.

The kitchen facilities were exceptionally good. Although Forest Holidays offered a great menu at the Forest Hub, the option to order-in takeaway-style food and a good selection of essential groceries, we had already decided that we'd be cooking breakfast and dinner ourselves in our cabin, as cooking is something we enjoy doing together. Having an oven, hob, fridge / freezer and plenty of pots, pans and utensils was fantastic - it really felt like a home away from home.

Of course, the highlight for us was definitely having the hot tub to enjoy in the evenings! It was so relaxing enjoying the warm bubbles under the stars, listening to the rustle of the forest trees, with a glass of Prosecco in hand. I'm literally sat here wishing I could be there right now!

Forest Holidays also offers things for all the family to do from Forest Ranger Activities, to Archery, Bike Hire, Trails and Walks. With Arthur being so young, we didn't think he'd really benefit from any of the Forest Ranger Kids' activities just yet but they're definitely something you could consider for older children. I have to say, I'm not really a 'planned activity' sort of gal but I know a lot of people and families are, so these offerings would definitely tick your boxes if that's the case! Activities can be pre-booked online through Forest Holidays or you can book some of them whilst you're there at the Forest Hub.

As I said earlier, we were really keen to explore other parts of Cornwall so our week involved visiting various places including Golitha Falls, Carnglaze Caverns, The Eden Project, Marazion & St Michael's Mount and Land's End. I've decided that rather than cramming them into one post, I'm going to create a series of Cornwall Diaries, so you can see all of our pictures and what we got up to. I'm hoping other families will find it useful if they're heading to Cornwall soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

To sum it up, we were extremely impressed with our Silver Birch Cabin at Forest Holidays - it was clean, practical and high-spec. Everything you want and expect from family holiday accommodation and what's more if you did have a four-legged friend to bring with you, the cabin we stayed in was also dog-friendly. There's things to do on-site if you wish to and plenty for kids from the ranger activities and trails to the play park situated by the Forest Hub. If you are thinking of planning a staycation, I can definitely recommend Forest Holidays Deerpark in Cornwall for it's accommodation.

PS - Scour the internet for a Forest Holidays discount - I found quite a few when we were placing our booking and saved nearly £30!

Megan x

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away and whether you're spending it with a loved one or simply fancy treating yourself, I have some lovely gift ideas to suit all budgets!

Scrapbook | If you are looking for something a little creative and personal this Valentine's, why not have a go at scrapbooking? Busy B have a gorgeous Gold Scrapbook*, which I've posted about here. Start off the scrapbook with your memories as a couple and give it to your other half to continue, as more memories are made.

Fragrance | Depending on your budget, you may want to pick up a perfume or aftershave for your loved one. With sweet, floral notes, Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb is my all-time favourite perfume (the Spicebomb Aftershave is also lovely). It's a little on the pricey side but (in my opinion) worth every penny. Alternatively, why not buy your loved one a fragrance for the home? Candles make such a beautiful gift and there's a scent to suit all. Yankee candles are always a winner but if you want something a little more personalised, take a look at the scented gift candles from Brinley Williams.

Bath treats | I personally think that bath treats always make a wonderful gift. Lush has a beautiful selection of Valentine's bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts to choose from. There's a few bath bombs under £5 (like the Love Boat pictured) so if you're after a token Valentine's Gift, they'll make a lovely choice.

Beauty | If your Valentine is into her beauty, then why not treat her to something a little special that she perhaps wouldn't splash out on for herself? Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect is one of my favourite lipsticks. The packaging is beautiful and Bitch Perfect is the perfect nude shade - one I imagine would suit most complexions. Or alternatively, why not pick up a classic red lipstick, perfect for Valentine's Day? There's so many beautiful shades to select, from So Marilyn to Red Carpet Red.

Personalised Biscuits | Why say it with flowers when you can say it with biscuits? If your other half has a sweet tooth then a beautiful tin of hand decorated Valentine's biscuits* from Biscuiteers will make a gorgeous gift. I can't get over how pretty this tin of vintage love letter biscuits is - just look at the detail in that icing! What's more you can have the biscuits personalised to make them even more special. The tin itself is also beautifully decorated and can be re-purposed once they've got through all of those delicious biscuits. I'm so glad I can start eating mine now!

Wine | Of course, you can't go wrong with a bottle of their favourite wine. For me, Rosé is always a winner. If you're looking for a valentine's themed wine for your romantic date, why not pick up a bottle of I heart Wine's limited edition, 'i heart You' rosé*? With strawberry aromas and soft berry notes, it's ideal for pairing with all sorts of Valentine's meals...or just chocolate. Chocolate and wine is always divine. (Yep I went there with the rhyme). The i heart You limited edition wine will be available from Tesco for a promotional price of £4.50 until 14th February 2018.

Lingerie | I was in two minds whether to include lingerie in my gift guide because I'm not sure that every woman out there wants to be bought lingerie by their partner and that's completely fine! But if like me, you love a new set of pretty lingerie, then why not drop a few hints for Valentine's? And if you're a partner buying lingerie, make sure you're buying what your partner would like - not what you necessary like. Also, be clear on sizing! I picked up this gorgeous red Valentine's set from ASOS.

Personalised Print | Something as simple as a beautifully framed photo of you both can make a lovely Valentine's gift or how about a personalised print? I recently received a beautiful personalised nursery print from Created By Magic and I've seen they do some lovely personalised wall prints for couples too. If you fancy picking one up for your Valentine, you can get 20% off using the code SCRIBBLES18.

Megan x
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