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Real Coffee Pods Review

Working from home and looking after my son, I'm very lucky that I don't ever have to rush in the mornings. Okay, I never really get a lie in (who does with a toddler?) but there's no mad panic to get our stuff together and out of the door and I don't take that for granted. Breakfast usually involves me whipping up a bowl of porridge for Arthur (or toast if he prefers) and grabbing my first coffee of the day - something I definitely look forward to! Recently it's been the Real Coffee Pods for Nespresso machines that have been making early mornings that little more enjoyable.

Real Coffee is a small Danish company that has recently entered the UK market. The brand not only works to produce high quality coffee pods, made from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans but has environmental and sustainability values too. Real Coffee currently offers 80% Fairtrade coffee and three organic varieties but their mission is to become 100% Fairtrade and exclusively organic in the future. Their plastic pods are recyclable and they are actively working to create a capsule for Nespresso machines that can be composted. I do like a brand with good values!

The first thing that stood out to me about Real Coffee is that you can Pick & Mix your coffee pods selection on their website. Simply select the pack size you require and start adding your pods. It's great if it's your first order from them, as it gives you the option to try all of the different blends and intensities to see what you like best. Real Coffee kindly offered me a large 250 pack* to try and I selected a mix of pods, which included Espresso Roma, Espresso Venezia, Espresso Verona, Espresso Napoli, Espresso Bologna, Torino Decaf, Espresso Caramel, Lungo San Marino and Lungo Columbia. You can find the description of each pod down the side of the ordering page which gives you a good idea of their flavours and intensity.

I've had a little time to try and test all of the different capsules and I have to say, you can really tell the difference between the blends. My favourite at the moment is the Espresso Bologna (green pod), which has an intensity of 5 out of 8 and is described as having a smooth taste and dark crema. This is my go-to espresso in the mornings - the velvety taste is next to none and it makes a lovely longer drink with warm milk. My mum said she particularly likes the Espresso Napoli, as it has a more creamy taste (I think it makes the best lattes) and we all really like the Lungo San Marino too - a creamy dark roasted coffee, which is both 100% organic and Fairtrade. The Torino Decaf (blue pod) is a great addition for those who don't want or can't have caffeine. There's definitely no compromise on taste.

What's great about having a selection pack with different blends is there's something to appeal to everyone in the household. Whether you're drinking them black or with added hot water, milk or cream, the high quality flavours really stand out and I think that's what makes a good coffee pod. The only thing that could improve these pods for us as a family, would be to have what they are printed on the actual pods. We tend to store ours in a holder on the worktop, rather than keep them in the boxes, so it'd be useful having the names printed on them for easy identification too.

As you're probably aware, a number of brands now make coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines, which is great as they are often more affordable than the named brand itself. After doing a little research I've found that Real Coffee offer some of the most affordable coffee pods available for Nespresso machines. The Large Pack I received containing 250 capsules, works out at just 22p a pod, which I think you'll agree is very reasonable. And the fact the quality of the coffee is exceptionally good makes Real Coffee pods a real-winner for daily coffee drinking.

Thankfully we've still got a good few packs to get through (can't be without my coffee - trust me) but Real Coffee is definitely a brand we'll be ordering Nespresso-compatible pods from in the very near future.

Megan x
*PR Item

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