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5 Easy Ways to Revamp your Bathroom this Spring

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Although you probably wouldn't believe it, considering all the snow we've had, spring is finally here, making now the perfect time to spruce up your home for the season ahead. When it comes to revamping and updating the home, people often concentrate on their living room or kitchen - after all, it is the 'hub of the home' however, I think it's just as important to give your bathroom a little extra love too.

Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find home inspiration and I'm always eyeing up dreamy bathrooms with roll top baths and stylish shower enclosures. But if like me, you're not in a position to be designing a brand new bathroom just yet, there are still a few easy (and relatively cheap) ways to revamp your bathroom for spring. Take a look at some of my ideas below...

1. Buy new bathroom linen
One of the easiest ways to revamp your bathroom for spring is to buy new bathroom linen. A new set of fluffy towels and a matching bathmat can add a new colour to your interior - just make sure it tones in with any paintwork.

2. Hang a stylish print
Your living room, bedroom and kitchen are likely to be adorned in stylish prints but what about your bathroom? I feel like the bathroom is often forgotten when it comes to prints and artwork but they can really help to give it more character and a little luxury style. A simple quote that makes you smile, an illustration of your favourite perfume bottle or something botanical will make a beautiful addition to your bathroom wall.

3. Treat yourself to a tub tray
Speaking of adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom, why not invest in a tub tray? There's just something so Pinterest-worthy about tub trays balanced with a candle, fresh flowers and your favourite bath time read.

4. Clear the clutter
Doing a quick spring clean in your bathroom can help to transform it's overall look and feel. Clear the clutter by throwing out any bathroom products that are empty or no longer used. You may also want to think about buying new storage containers, so you're not leaving products dotted on the countertop or adding shelves for a more organised look.

5. Reframe your mirror
Standard bathroom mirrors can look rather boring but there's no need for them to stay that way! Adding a fancy frame to your mirror is relatively inexpensive and a great way of adding style to your bathroom this spring. I love bathroom mirrors with a rustic wooden frame, as well as those with minimalist gold frames. Look on Pinterest for inspiration - there's frames to suit all mirrors and bathroom decor.

How will you be revamping your bathroom this spring?

Megan x
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  1. I have a dedicated board on Pinterest for Bathrooms as well - THE PRETTINESS. I can't wait to have my own place to be able to decorate exactly how I want! I think a bathroom can be such a tranquil place too.


  2. Buying new bathroom linen is honestly the easiest way to revamp and add a bit of luxe to a bathroom. I'm about to move and renovate our new house, so will likely be adding a little more than towels (hopefully)! Thanks for the gorgeous post xxx