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5 Ways to Improve your Well-Being

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I feel like March has been a bit of a weird month for me. I don't know why but for a couple of weeks, I felt quite down in the dumps. My head seemed to be plagued with worries about anything and everything and I just felt a little lost, I suppose. I think part of it was that I felt rundown with various viruses that have passed through our household (we're still all suffering with nasty colds,) I'm still not quite in a place where I've mastered squeezing enough working time into my week and I felt like I didn't really have a 'plan.' But the last week or so, everything has felt so much better. I'm in a much more positive frame of mind and although I don't believe anyone can (or should have to) feel happy 100% of the time, I'm being more mindful of the people and things that make me happy on a daily basis. I have so many reasons to smile.

Methods for improving well-being and personal growth are exactly that; personal. Some people practice mindfulness exercises and meditation, whereas others seek guidance in practices like numerology - click here to learn more. I personally find that my well-being is improved by the smallest things that perhaps may seem insignificant to some. I wanted to share them for those who perhaps have been feeling a little 'off' recently because even though you probably know all these things already, a little reminder may be just what you need...

1. Recognise little doses of happiness
I think when you're feeling a bit off or not quite yourself, it's good to look for the little doses of happiness in each day and trust me, there's usually something that has made you smile! From the first outing of the year without a coat, chats on the swings with my son, holding hands in the car, making family memories and talking about the future; I've had no trouble finding little doses of happiness this last week. It doesn't matter how small or insignificant your happy things may seem to others; it's all about what makes you feel good about yourself.

2. Take up a hobby or master a new skill
Learning something new and challenging yourself can also really help with personal growth and well-being. I've recently found happiness in something I never thought I'd find happiness in and that's learning to drive! Yes, for those that don't know, I'm currently learning to drive and for me, it's kind of a big deal! I started learning about ten years ago but gave up for one reason or another. I guess it's always made me feel anxious and quite honestly, I'm not a natural, so I've found it quite difficult, starting again. But this time, I've got Arthur as my motivation to succeed and I have to say, there's no better motivation. Although I've still got a long way to go, I can see I'm improving from one lesson to the next and my confidence is growing too. Not feeling anxious before my lessons is a massive improvement and my determination to see it through until I pass has me feeling very proud of myself!

3. Set goals and make plans
There's no denying it, I'm a girl that likes a plan. Whilst plans don't always unfold the way you think they will (not always a negative - this can sometimes be the best thing ever) I think having goals and an idea of what you want is definitely a positive thing. Of course, living in the moment and not rushing through life is important too but I don't think there's anything wrong with thinking about your future.

4. Enjoy a little 'me' time
Doing something purely 'for you' is so important for well-being. Whether it's playing a sport (side note: this is not for me), reading a book, writing a blog post (that's more like it) or simply watching a boxset on Netflix, a lot can be said for taking some time to do what you want to do. I think this is something I've found harder since becoming a mum but not entirely impossible!

5. Surround yourself with positive people
There's a quote I like that reads 'stay close to people who feel like sunlight.' I may not have loads of people in my life but I'm very lucky that the ones I do have are wonderful and only contribute good things. Surround yourself with people you value and who value you in return. This is a lesson I learnt the hard way but I think sometimes this happens so that when something beautiful comes along, you're ready for it and appreciate it a whole lot more.

What steps do you take to improve your well-being?

Megan x

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