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BKD Mini Bakers Club Review

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Baking is something I love to do and more recently, Arthur's been taking an interest in it too. It's a great activity to do with toddlers and children (providing you don't mind a little mess) and subscription boxes like the Mini Bakers Club from BKD can make it all the more enjoyable for both children and parents.

Mini Bakers Club is a subscription box by BKD (who you may have seen on Dragon's Den) and is all about encouraging children to get into baking and crafting. It was started by Adelle Smith, a mum living in East London, who took her passion for baking and crafting with her kids and turned it into a business! The baking subscription boxes are handcrafted in London and the company itself has already won 7 awards since it's beginnings in 2015.

Once subscribed, Mini Bakers are sent a personalised themed box through their letterbox every month, with recipes, ingredients and fun craft activities to do. It's beneficial for busy parents, looking for things to do with their kids at home, as well as those who perhaps aren't as confident themselves in the baking department!

This month, Arthur received the Hello Spring Mini Bakers Club box*, which contained a hot cross bun cupcake mix and recipe (perfect for Easter), an activity booklet and a spring-themed cress growing craft project. The box is designed for children aged three and over, so whilst Arthur is a little young at two, I knew that he would still enjoy the BKD box and be able to take part, as baking and crafting are things we regularly do together at home.

What I like about the BKD Mini Bakers Club box is how straightforward everything is. The recipe is clear and easy to follow and having the ready-made-mix makes everything a little quicker. Obviously for the Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes, you needed to supply your own butter and eggs but all of the other ingredients, including the apricot jam, raisins and white chocolate icing were found within the box.

Arthur really enjoyed the baking project; cracking the eggs into the bowl, pouring in the ingredients and mixing everything together. Obviously I helped him with a lot of the baking, as he's only two but if your little one is a bit older they'd be able to do a little more themselves, with ease.

We were really proud of how our Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes turned out and even better - they tasted very authentic! The mix made ten Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes in total - enough to share with family and any visitors. And even better - the box included a recipe for baking the cupcakes from scratch, so we'll be able to make them again in the future.

 After a little break (and snooze for Arthur) we had a go at the cress growing craft project. Arthur's already got his own little herb garden in the kitchen, so I knew this would be something he'd love. Again, the instructions were super easy to follow and I like that they made use of the egg shells from the baking project. Arthur loved the little spring chick and bunny designs and I can't wait to see his face when the cress actually starts growing!

The booklet accompanying the box contains a few little activities, such as a checklist for the baking, an observation chart for the cress growing and fun facts on photosynthesis. I think Arthur is perhaps a little young to appreciate it fully but it's a lovely educational addition for slightly older children.

I'm a big believer in children learning through play and think the BKD Mini Bakers Club boxes are a great way of encouraging this. The boxes would provide a great rainy day activity and would also make a lovely baking gift for kids. I particularly like the fact BKD combines both baking and crafting, making it better value for money than some of the other children's subscription boxes available. I would happily recommend Mini Bakers Club by BKD to other parents, especially those with slightly older toddlers and children, who could really get the most out of it.

The boxes start at £8.99 per month (+P&P) and are available from the BKD website.

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Updated 5th February 2019 - Unfortunately it looks like bkd are no longer trading as their website is down and social media hasn't been updated. I will update this post if anything changes.