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Exploring Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall

Holidaying in Cornwall late January, we knew we were bound to get a lot of rain. It's not something that particularly bothered us, rain doesn't stop us getting out and about at the best of times - we just looked for some activities we'd be able to do whatever the weather and one of those was a visit to Carnglaze Caverns!

Carnglaze Caverns is an underground slate mine, consisting of three man-made caverns. Located near the village of St Neot in Liskeard, it was just a fifteen minute drive from our accommodation at Forest Holidays Deerpark. It sounded like a really interesting and unusual place and we thought exploring caves would be something Arthur would love.

Photo Credit: Smithy.1990
On arrival, it was throwing it down with rain and with a very sleepy toddler in his pushchair, we weren't sure how successful a trip it would be. However, after popping into the ticket office to pay, we were told we'd be able to take the pushchair into the first cavern and start looking round there until Arthur was awake enough to walk through the next two caverns. The lovely lady in the office also gave us some information about the history of Carnglaze and equipped us with three yellow hard hats and a torch! I was happy to hear that we could do an unguided tour (and be able to look round at our own leisurely pace - much easier with a toddler) but I believe they do offer some guided tours in the busier, summer season.

Entering the first cavern, we were surprised to see a licensed bar, stage and seating area! Yes, the Rum Store as it's known (because The Royal Navy stored their rum there in the Second World War) has been turned into a very unique and unusual venue for both music events and weddings. Inside we found a collection of the different minerals that had been mined in the South West, a long with information points with lots of interesting facts.

Once Arthur had woken up, we popped on his hard yellow hat (he was thrilled to be just like Bob the Builder) and made our way down the sixty-or-so steps to the next cavern. As we were the only ones in the caverns at the time, we were told we could leave our pushchair in the Rum Store and collect it later, which was really handy! In the next cavern we found more information points, which told the story of Carnglaze and the skills of the miners who worked there.

The last cavern was particularly interesting as it held a large pool, with crystal clear blue water. Arthur was fascinated by it all and loved listening to the echo of his voice. We were mindful of the bats living in the cavern and therefore weren't too noisy but it was a great place to take some really interesting photos! 

Carnglaze Caverns are set in 6.5 acres of ancient wood and had it not been such poor weather, we'd love to have had a walk round. The Quarry Wood Walk is designed for children too (with fairy statues and wood carvings to spot) and takes around twenty five minutes. In Spring the woodland is said to be full of bluebells and other wild flowers, which I imagine are beautiful to see (and photograph!)

Photo credit: Smithy.1990
If you are looking for something a little different to do on your trip to Cornwall and enjoy learning about it's history, then Carnglaze Caverns will make a great place to visit. We really enjoyed exploring the caves as a family and only wish the weather had been a little better so we could fully appreciate and explore the woodland walk too - maybe next time!

More information about this Cornwall tourist attraction and ticket prices can be found on the Carnglaze Caverns website.

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