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My NameTags - A useful product for parents!

Every now and then I come across a product and think yep that'll be useful for other parents - let's share it on the blog! The latest product is these lovely personalised colour sticker nametags* from My NameTags. Ideal for sticking in clothing, shoes, as well as on lunchboxes, snack boxes and drinks cups, My NameTags can prevent kids' stuff from going missing at pre-school and nursery, so you're not constantly rummaging through lost property or having to re-purchase misplaced items.

Although Arthur's not yet at pre-school, My NameTags wanted to send us some name tags to try out, as we may need them come autumn time! Their website is really straightforward to use and allows you to completely personalise your name tags with your child's name, favourite colour, font type and even a little picture. I decided to go for a tractor design as Arthur's really into his vehicles! You can also add another line of text, for their last name or perhaps even their class number.

The colour sticker nametags are easy to peel off and place onto clothing wash labels. They stick really easily and are even waterproof, so you don't have to worry about them disappearing in the washing machine! You can also stick them on items your child may take with them to pre-school, nursery or school, such as a lunchbox, drinks cup or pencil case. The colour sticker name tags are made to last and have the added benefit of being both dishwasher and microwave safe.
I think My NameTags are a great idea and will definitely be something I use when Arthur goes to pre-school. They're fuss-free, time-saving and no sewing is required (phew!) They also have a fun element to them with lots of lovely personalised designs for you and your kids to choose from.

Megan x
*PR Item.