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New Beauty Buys and First Impressions

One of my beauty-related resolutions for the New Year was not to purchase any makeup or skincare that I didn't really need, so you're probably wondering why I'm coming at you with a 'new beauty buys' post. Well, I decided that actually, I did need the beautiful items above! Perhaps two lipsticks AND a tinted lip balm was pushing it slightly but after rummaging through my very disorganised makeup collection, I realised I only owned one lipstick (after doing a massive makeup cull a few months ago) so these purchases were completely justified!

The lipsticks I chose were from the new ASOD DESIGN makeup range. I say new - I don't know how new it actually is but it's very new to me! I was really drawn in by the cute pink packaging and the fact it's not tested on animals. I decided to go for Frosty, a deep berry shade with a creamy satin finish (perhaps not the most spring-like shade but it went with a dress I planned to wear) and Uncompromising, a raspberry pink creamy matte lipstick. The latter is a shade that really seems to suit me and is something I'd wear out and about on a daily basis. So far, I'm really impressed with the quality of these lipsticks - they're easy to apply and have good staying power. At £7 each, I think they're very reasonably priced and I'll definitely be adding a couple more shades to my collection at some point!

My lips really suffer in the colder months but rather than buying a bog standard lip balm, I wanted something that would add a little tint to my lips too. The Tanya Burr cosmetics lip balm caught my eye because of the pretty rose gold packaging, the fact it was called 'strawberry milkshake' which has to be one of my favourite flavours going and the 99p price tag! The pink tint is subtle but very pretty on the lips and I find the balm itself does a good job at moisturising the lips and adding a lovely glossy (but not sticky) finish. It's perhaps not the most nourishing lip balm out there but it does exactly what I wanted it to, so all in all, a good buy!

The final three new beauty buys are from Makeup Revolution, which is a brand that until recently, I hadn't purchased from, for a good few years. Back then I found their products a little hit and miss but after trying out their Fast Base Foundation Stick (shout out to Emma because it was her fast base foundation review post that inspired the purchase - she's even included before and after photos, so it's well worth a read), Conceal & Define Concealer and Goddess of Love Highlighter, I'll definitely be buying a lot more of my makeup from them in the future. I've found all three items to be of great quality and when you consider the cheap price tags, they're bloody amazing! Not only that but they're a British company and do not test on animals, which gives them even more bonus points from me.

The fast base foundation in F1 is definitely my favourite purchase from Makeup Revolution so far. It's the perfect shade for my pale complexion and I find it blends really well using either a sponge or large buffing brush to provide a light to medium coverage (depending on how much you apply). I tend to set the foundation with a finishing powder but do often have to top it up later in the day - this isn't something that bothers me though, especially because the foundation stick is so 'travel-friendly' and easy to pop in your handbag.

So there we have my new beauty buys and my first impressions of them! Have you tried any products from the ASOS collection? And what are your favourite Makeup Revolution buys? I'd love some recommendations for both brands!

Megan x

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