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Teeth Whitening with Nano by Whitewash

When it comes to my teeth, I don't have many concerns. Sure, they're not the straightest teeth in the world (despite having a top brace for god knows how long) but I'm twenty seven and haven't yet had a filling (let's hope I've not just jinxed myself) so I think we're doing pretty okay. I guess something that has always bothered me (ever so slightly) is that they're not all that white. Why? Well I'm guessing it's because I love my coffee. I mean, really love it. And we all know that coffee isn't that good for your teeth...but does that stop me enjoying it? Hell, no!

I've always taken care in making sure I brush my teeth properly. I use an electric toothbrush and I choose toothpaste and mouthwash that have whitening properties - though honestly, I wouldn't say they ever have dramatic results. In the past I've also dabbled in various teeth whitening products such as Crest Strips (not one I'd personally recommend) and systems like GoSmile (I don't even know if this is still sold in the UK but it was pretty damn pricey) as well as toothpastes like Blanx, from which I've had mixed results. I guess, with some teeth whitening products, there's always a niggle at the back of my mind that they could be doing more harm than good but when Whitewash offered to send me some of their Nano teeth whitening products to try, my worries were immediately put at ease by the fact they're developed and formulated by UK dentists. These were teeth whitening products I felt safe and comfortable using.

WhiteWash kindly sent over their Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening strips* (£24.95), along with their Nano Whitening Toothpaste*, Nano Whitening Mouthwash* and Nano Whitening Floss*, all of which are available from their website.

Described as 'the best whitening treatment available without going to your dentist,' the two week whitening course (containing 28 strips - 14 sets of 2) gave me high expectations and I'm pleased to say delivered some noticeable results.

To use the strips, you simply peel them off and place them onto your (recently brushed) teeth. I found it really easy to apply the strips and was pleased that they remained in place. The minty taste wasn't all that bad. I wouldn't say it was pleasant but definitely bearable.

The only trouble I had (sorry if it's TMI) is that having the strips in my mouth caused excessive saliva build-up. I've read that this is quite common with teeth whitening products but it made it really difficult for me to keep the strips on for the hour required (which felt like such a long time). On many occasions, I ended up removing them after 20-30 minutes but even still, I felt like my teeth had a whiter appearance. Results were noticeable despite me not keeping the strips on for the recommended hour. Obviously, not everyone will have the same issue as me and others will just put up with it for the sake of whiter teeth, so I imagine that the results will be even more evident if you do follow the instructions and keep the strips in place for the whole hour before removal.

Removal isn't quite as easy as application. The strips are quite sticky, so it can be hard to pull them off quickly but there's no pain or discomfort. I tend to pop a little warm water on my finger, which I found helped with removing the strips. I also noticed that my teeth felt 'normal' after each application - they weren't at all sensitive, which is a real bonus, as this is something that has put me off other teeth whitening products in the past.

I found the Nano toothpaste, mouthwash and floss effective in assisting the whitening process. The Nano whitening toothpaste has quite an odd consistency but it's hardly noticeable once on your teeth. The minty flavour is very mild, compared to your average toothpaste, the same of which can be said for the mouthwash, which doesn't make your mouth feel like it's being stripped of everything, like some mouthwashes do! I also really like the floss but have to admit, I have nothing to compare it to as I've never really flossed...I didn't even know it was something people did on a regular basis?! But the floss itself has a pleasant minty taste and is simple to use.

Even though there were things I didn't like about the teeth whitening strips (mainly the saliva build-up issue, which probably won't happen to everyone) I would still recommend them, as 1. they provided results (even though I didn't use them to their full potential) and 2. there was no sensitivity. In terms of price, they're not the cheapest out there at £24.95 but you have to consider whether some of the cheaper teeth whitening products actually provide results? And also, with the teeth whitening products from Nano, at least you have the peace of mind that they're formulated by dentists and are therefore unlikely to do harm to your teeth! I don't know about you but I'd happily pay a little extra for that peace of mind.

Megan x
*These items were gifted for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions are my own.

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  1. From which country is the Nano Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash made?