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3 things to do in Rhodes

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With the days getting longer, the weather (finally) getting warmer and summer just around the corner; it's the time of year that many will be dreaming of their next holiday; curating a wish list of destinations and researching the very best resorts.

Although admittedly, I'm not very well-travelled, I had the most wonderful holiday to Rhodes with my friends, a few years back and can highly recommend it as a destination not only for friend groups but for couples and families too. It's one of those destinations that has something to offer everyone. So when Holiday Gems, a leading travel company offering Low Deposit Holidays 2018 and 2019 - Low Deposits from £10pp, got in touch to see if I'd like to collaborate on a post, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to share some of my recommendations for things to do in Rhodes!

Rhodes is a destination that ticks all of the boxes and offers the best of both worlds. By that I mean it's steeped in rich history and culture but also has stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, so there's something for those who like to learn and educate themselves on their travels, as well as the die-hard sun worshipers.

The weather is fantastic, particularly between May and October, with temperatures soaring to around 40 Degrees Celsius between July and August. We visited in September and the weather was stunning. We were out there sunbathing every day and I even managed to get quite the tan (which is practically unheard of!)

Explore the Old Town

If you're interested in the history of Rhodes, I highly recommend hopping on a bus and visiting the Old Town. It's narrow streets and medieval architecture take you back to a different era and it really is a thing of beauty. We were offered a number of tour packages by our holiday rep but ended up saving money by getting on a bus from Pefkos (where we were staying) and taking ourselves around the city.

If you want a great view of the Old Town, head up the Roloi Clock Tower. It's a little bit of a squeeze getting up there but so worth if for the stunning views at the top!

You'll be spoilt for choice for restaurants, cafes and bars and there are plenty of beautiful places you can stop to catch your breath and take in the city.

Visit the Acropolis at Lindos

If you're into your Greek architecture, history and culture, the Acropolis at Lindos is a great place to visit. The stroll up to it can look a little daunting at first but trust me, it wasn't bad at all! There are donkeys that can take you up but I personally preferred to walk. The citadel, with it's ancient temple and towers, is one of the most visited archeological site in Greece and it's easy to see why. As well as interesting architecture, it offers amazing views of Lindos' harbours and coastline.

While in Lindos, it's definitely worth exploring the stalls dotted along its narrow streets, before spending a relaxing evening on one of the many rooftop restaurants.

Take a boat trip from St. Paul's Bay

One of my favourite parts of our girls' holiday was the boat trip from St. Paul's Bay. The bay itself was one of the most picturesque places I've ever seen (just look at that photo) and we had such a wonderful day sunbathing on a yacht that sailed up and down the coastline; taking in the sights and swimming in the crystal clear waters! It's probably not something I'd be able to do now with a toddler in tow but for those on holiday with friends or a significant other, it's a wonderfully relaxing experience.

In terms of accommodation you'll be spoilt for choice but it's definitely worth having a look at the Holiday Gems website, as they currently have some great Rhodes holiday packages on offer.

Have you visited or are planning to visit Rhodes?

Megan x
Collaborative content.

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