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3 Toddler Garden Toys for hours of fun

Whilst we haven't seen a lot of sunshine lately, I still remain hopeful that spring exists and warmer weather is just around the corner. I may of course be completely deluded but this hasn't stopped me treating Arthur to a few toys to keep him entertained in the garden!

Arthur loves nothing more than being outside and after buying him a sandpit late last summer, I was keen to treat him to a water table to go alongside it. The other week, the Early Learning Centre had an offer on the Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table (priced £49.99) with about £10 off the current price, so I decided it could be his Easter treat. Way more expensive than a chocolate egg, I know but it was something I would have bought him at some point anyway!

*Offer: Precious Little One is currently selling the Spinning Seas Water Table for £32.95*

Although there are definitely cheaper water tables available, some didn't have very good reviews, whereas this one from Little Tikes (a well-known brand I trust) ticked all of the boxes. It is just the right size for our small garden, yet can still hold enough water (7 gallons to be exact) for Arthur to splash about and have fun! It comes with various different accessories, including a ferris wheel, pouring cup, 5 coloured balls, a ball launcher and a water spinner. Assembly is relatively easy (I'm not normally the one to do these things in our household but managed just fine) and it's light enough that I can pick it up and pop it in the garage when it's not being played with. Arthur's already had lots of fun playing with his water table and I know it'll get so much use in the summer time, when the weather's a little warmer.

A couple of weekends ago, we also picked up a bubble machine and skittles set for Arthur to use in the garden and they've gone down a treat! He's played with them nearly everyday - even when it's been grey and miserable, we've pulled on our wellies and headed outside to play. The bubble machine cost £4.99 from The Range and we spent a couple of pounds on a large bottle of bubble solution to fill it up with. Arthur gets so much joy out of watching the bubbles float away and also loves to pop as many as he can! It's one of those things that you wouldn't necessarily appreciate as an adult, until you see just how magical a toddler finds it. It's the simple things that can often bring the most joy!

I used to love playing with my skittles set as a child, so couldn't wait to pick up one for Arthur now he's old enough to have a go. Again, this set was around £5 from The Range, which is so cheap for a garden toy but something toddlers will have so much fun playing with. It's a fun game you can play as a family and is something we can take to the park and the beach when it's a little warmer too!

The Range has a fantastic selection of garden toys for toddlers and I can definitely see us going back to pick up a few more things, when the weather gets a little better. The products are great and prices very reasonable; proving you don't have to spend a fortune for your kids to have hours of garden fun!

What are your toddler's favourite garden toys?

Megan x