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4 Lipsticks I'm Loving

It's funny, even though I'm definitely not your typical 'beauty blogger' every now and then, I love to sit down and write a beauty post. You see, even though I can't afford to splash out on new makeup every week or invest in the latest high end collections, I still really enjoy beauty blogging and believe you should write what you love! So here I am, with a 'lipsticks I'm loving' post. Some are new favourites but there's an oldie but goodie thrown in there too...

If you've read some of my latest beauty posts, you'll know I've been banging on about the ASOS lipsticks but they truly deserve all the love they're getting here. For starters, the millennial pink packaging is cute and eye-catching, the £7 price tag is very affordable and if you've got a premier account, you can get ASOS lipsticks with free next day delivery! Win. Win. Win.

I've been really impressed with the quality of the lipsticks and think they have decent staying-power too. I currently own Frosty, a dark berry shade with a creamy satin finish and Uncompromising, a raspberry pink with a creamy matte finish. You can easily tell the difference between both the finishes and whilst I don't have a favourite between the two, Uncompromising is definitely more of an every day shade for me - I'd tend to save Frosty for evenings out. The ASOS DESIGN makeup range is cruelty-free, which makes it all the more appealing. I'll definitely be trying out a few more of the lipsticks and other products from the collection in the near future!

Another lipstick I've been wearing is Pink Blush from Rimmel's Lasting Perfection collection. To be honest, I was in two minds whether to feature it because as I understand it, Rimmel is not a cruelty-free brand and I'm trying not to buy from these companies anymore. However, I've had this lipstick a little while and I'm really just using it up. I've got to say, it's a lovely baby pink shade, which has a creamy finish on the lips. It's not the most long wearing lipstick but it's one I do like wearing when I'm after something a little more 'girly' so to speak.

Last but not least, we have 'Bitch Perfect' the oldie but goodie in my makeup collection, from Charlotte Tilbury. I always describe Bitch Perfect as a warm nude pink shade that I think would suit a variety of lip colours and complexions. It has a slightly creamy formula, which helps it to glide onto the lips but I find that it has good staying-power and doesn't bleed.

The Charlotte Tilbury rose gold lipstick packaging is of course some of the most beautiful and luxury out there. Just look at it! Of course, this is reflected in the slightly higher price tag of £24.00 but I think it's justified. It is a high end lipstick from a quality designer (who doesn't test on animals) after all. I tend to keep mine 'for best' which is probably why I've made it last so long! Looking at it now - I definitely think I'll be due a repurchase soon.

So if you're after a luxury lipstick in a wearable shade (or are looking for the perfect gift for a beauty lover) I'd definitely point you in the direction of Bitch Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury. It's beautiful.

What are your favourite lipsticks?
Megan x
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