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Mum and Son Summer Fashion Wishlist

Although I'm usually more of a fan of autumn fashion, I was so excited to be able to wear my first maxi dress of the year last Friday. For me, summer is all about maxi dresses - they're just so elegant and perfect for both day and evening wear. I definitely have enough maxi dresses to keep me going this summer but if I was to add one more, I think it'd have to be this Tropical Print Bow Back Maxi Dress from Next (£38) - it's just so beautiful!

Comfortable footwear is a must for me (gone are the days where I'll put up with being uncomfortable just to look good) and these New Look Sliders (£15.99) look like they tick that box, whilst offering style and versatility too. I had a similar pair last summer but they're looking a little worn now, so an update may be necessary!

After living in my black bobble hat all winter, I feel a little lost without it so I think I'm going to have to get myself a summer hat. This floppy straw hat from H&M (£9.99) is the style I'm after. I think it'd look gorgeous with a maxi dress and sunglasses - I have my eye on this Cat's Eye pair from Next (£16.)

How cute is this Fairytale Ending tee from Next (£15)? I think it'd look lovely tucked into a denim skirt, maxi skirt or even a pair of high waisted jeans!

Since becoming a mum, I've always enjoyed shopping for my son's clothes as much as my own (even more so sometimes!) Next is one of my favourite places to buy boy's clothing because unlike many of the supermarkets, the colour palettes aren't all navy and fluorescent green. I was actually having a discussion with my partner about this at the weekend -I don't know why all supermarkets assume boys want to wear bright green, orange etc?! There's nothing wrong with boys wearing pastel shades too!

I'm actually willing to spend a little more and shop at Next for boys clothing as they are so spot on with their designs. I was so in love with the Blush, Stripe and Giraffe Tee set from Next (£11-£13) that I ordered it as soon as Arthur's size was back in stock. We also ended up buying the Jersey Denim Shorts (£9-£10) but in blue, rather than the light wash featured here as they didn't have the stock and I thought the blue would be a little more practical.

Arthur really needs a pair of sandals and I think I might end up buying these Boys Footbed Sandals (down to £6.40) from Matalan as they're cheap and cheerful but hopefully comfortable too! I also really love the Textured shorts in grey (£6). They look really comfortable and would tone in well with his summer t-shirts. Last but not least, I had to include the Digger Top (£2.99) because it's something Arthur would love! It's from H&M, which is another store that offers a good selection of boys clothing, catering for all tastes.

What's on your summer fashion wish list? Where are your favourite places to buy kids' clothing?

Megan x
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