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Personalised Space Height Chart for Toddlers

Over the bank holiday weekend, we made the big move from cot to toddler bed. It's something I'd been holding off on doing, as Arthur still fit in his cot and didn't ever attempt to climb out of it but with him approaching 2 and a half, I decided it was the right time to make the move. Changing his cot to a toddler bed has made his room look so much bigger and it's got me thinking about other little changes I can make to create a more personal and characterful space for him.

Although Arthur's current toddler room doesn't really have a theme at the moment, he's really into space and rockets, so I'm wondering if to do something with that. We were recently sent this gorgeous personalised space height chart* from Personalised Parties, which has inspired me to perhaps theme his room and make it a little more 'Arthur.' The personalised height chart has made such a statement in his room with it's bright colours and cute illustrations and I love that it has the extra special touch of his name at the very top.

The personalised space height chart is of course a practical item too, as it let's me see how tall Arthur's growing! I'm keen to keep note of is height as I'm expecting he'll be quite a tall boy. I'm 5ft8 and both his grandad and uncle are tall, so it's bound to be in the genes!

The self-adhesive height chart was really easy to stick to the wall and it's designed so that when you want to remove it, it should peel off without leaving any marks. It's made from a good quality material, so should be fairly durable and the design itself really adds a special touch to his bedroom.

Now he's got a personalised space height chart and a space-theme personalised print in his room, I think space is definitely going to be the new theme and I look forward to finding some other themed items to add to his room in the very near future!

Does your toddler's bedroom have a theme?
Megan x
*Item gifted for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own.