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A weekend well spent #2: Bank Holiday Barbecues

Well wasn't that a glorious bank holiday? I knew we were expecting good weather for it but I didn't imagine it would be that beautiful - it was a real treat, especially for early May! Like many Brits, we saw the sunshine, felt the heat and thought one thing - BARBECUE. In fact, we actually had two barbecues this weekend and spent most of our time outside in the sunshine, loving every minute of it!

I bet I'm not the only mum that finds parenting outside SO much easier than indoors? Arthur loves playing outdoors and has lots of lovely garden toys to keep him entertained. His Mud & Bloom box arrived, so we had fun looking through that. I can't wait to do some of the garden activities with him and blog about our experience. This weekend I also made a quick paddling pool purchase from Argos (don't you just love same day delivery?!) and let's just say, it was as much a treat for us as Arthur - so nice to dip your toes into! He had so much fun splashing about in it though and I'm hoping it'll get lots of use throughout summer.

The sun is beautiful but I have major sunburn fear, especially when it comes to Arthur! I'm literally the parent that chases their child around the garden spraying and slathering on layer after layer of factor 50; trying (and often failing) to get him to keep his top on 'just in case.' Again, I bet I'm not the only one?

I mostly kept out of the sunshine because I tend to burn but kept nice and cool, wearing some of my favourite maxi dresses. My partner is much more of a sun worshiper and left the house this morning with a full on tan. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous!

It was a really relaxing weekend, full of good barbecue food, drinks (can't beat a Pimms) and family time. I think sometimes the simplest weekends, with very few plans, can often turn out to be the most fun - especially when sunshine's involved! Let's hope we're treated to a little more of it soon...

How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

Megan x
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