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A Weekend Well Spent #4: A Reunion!

Oh I do love a Bank Holiday! Blessed with beautiful sunshine for the best part of the weekend, we headed out on a good few adventures and were reunited with two of our friends, Liz and Will - who had travelled down from the Midlands to see us. Liz and I have been best friends since senior school and even though living in different parts of the country means we can't see each other as often as we'd like to, when we do get to catch up, it's like we've never been apart. I feel so lucky to have a friendship like that!

Of course, a reunion calls for good food, plenty of drinks and the odd blurry photo (it's kind of our tradition!) I definitely felt a little worse for wear the next morning but it was such a fun night. I hardly ever go 'out out' so it was a real giggle.

The next day we headed out for a walk in the glorious sunshine and did a little fossil spotting on a local beach. I say 'we' but the men were definitely a lot more into it than us! They were on such a mission and spied some really interesting ones. It was so cute seeing Arthur take an interest in it too. He's becoming quite 'outdoorsy' and I'm going to do my very best to encourage that in him. I took some really beautiful photographs of him on the beach, which like a typical mum, I'll be framing and putting proudly on display! I feel like he's grown up so much recently and love to document every stage as much as I can.

That evening, we got to spend some time with my other half's family. He had relatives visiting from the US who he hadn't seen since 1996! Although we didn't get a lot of time with them, it was lovely to meet them and I'm so happy they got to meet Arthur too. It'd be so amazing to go over to the US ourselves at some point but we're thinking of waiting until Arthur's a little older and can handle the long haul flight (well...more like, we can handle the long haul flight with him!)

Bank holiday Monday started with brunch in the sunshine with Liz and Will, before parting ways. Although I don't like saying goodbye, I know we'll see them again soon and it's so nice to have so much to catch up on when we are reunited.

Our afternoon mission was to find the perfect spot to paddle and let's just say, we aced it! The weather was so warm that we didn't want to do too much, so we went for a drive in the Land Rover (Arthur's new favourite thing - he's even named it 'Pickle') pulled up alongside a local river, followed the footpath and were lucky enough to find a little area, where we could paddle in peace. It was such a beautiful little spot and although the water was fairly cold, it was just what we needed on a day like that. We saw that someone had a Yurt down there and it looked like the most idyllic place to spend a summer's evening. Picture perfect in fact.

Image credit: smithy.1990
After having such a wonderful time with friends and family, I definitely had a case of the Bank Holiday Blues this morning but when I thought about all the exciting things we've got to look forward to, I soon shook them off! I have so many reasons to smile right now.

Megan x