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A weekend well spent

Weekends are my favourite. They're usually spent outdoors, with the two people I love most; adventuring to somewhere new, making memories and spending quality time together as family. Whatever we do, whether it's  a muddy walk in the woods, a picnic in the park, a trip to the beach or a day out on the train, I know when I climb into bed on Sunday evening I'll have had the best time.

Last weekend we jumped in the car and headed to Weston-Super-Mare for the afternoon. The weather wasn't particularly sunny but it was dry and you can't really ask for more than that in April! After rather a palaver with car parking (we always forget change) we headed to the beach and within seconds Arthur had locked eyes on a bouncy castle. Like most kids, Arthur loves a bouncy castle. The smile on his face was priceless and even though it took some encouragement to get him to tackle some of the obstacles on the bouncy castle, he loved every minute of it. Well, until he had to come off...cue high pitch screaming, tears and limbs flailing everywhere. But that's toddlers for you right? Amazingly content one minute and little monsters the next!

After an ice cream bribe (don't tell me you've not been there) we were all smiles again and able to have a little stroll along the beach. Arthur had his first donkey ride and the boys somehow convinced me to go on the big wheel. Do you know what's both magical and terrifying about toddlers? They're fearless. Arthur had no qualms about getting on the huge wheel that towered above us, whereas his twenty seven year old mother was (quietly) terrified. I wanted to go on it so badly to prove that I could but at the same time I was having flashbacks of a much younger version of myself, screaming and crying at the top of a ferris wheel that I needed to get off. Thankfully, twenty seven year old Megan is much braver these days and I actually enjoyed the experience. Well, not the first go round...that was slightly terrifying and made worst by my partner saying 'I'll tell you when we're half way up' when I already thought we must be near the top! But the three goes after that were enjoyable. And I loved seeing Arthur's little face light up. He's so brave and full of wonder. And I feel like they both make me braver too.

After dropping our rather tired little boy off with his granny and grandad, we headed to the cinema for a date night to see A Quiet Place. Cutting it fine, we managed to nab the last two seats in the cinema and get there just before the film started. I really enjoyed the film (not just 'cus of John Krasinski) and thought it was really different for it's kind. It was well acted and there were so many jumpy bits. A couple of times people yelped in horror in the cinema, which had me in utter hysterics - you know when you just keep thinking about something and can't stop laughing? Yep, that. Which was quite hard to control but very necessary since much of the film was silent. We left the film thinking about how we'd cope in that situation and came to the conclusion that we'd probably get eaten by the aliens straight away as how on earth would we ever manage to keep Arthur silent?

Despite the chill in the air and looming grey clouds, we decided to head out for a little stroll on Sunday to see if we could fly Arthur's kite for the first time. We'd been meaning to do it since he received it at Christmas but it was one of those things we always seemed to forget upon leaving the house in a rush. Sunday was the day though. We found the perfect spot on top of a hill (with an amazing view) and there was plenty of wind for flying the kite. I loved watching Arthur gaze up at the kite with a big smile on his face and he was so eager to have a go, it was lovely.

Even though it was pretty damn cold, we had committed to having a picnic, so a picnic we had! Armed with a bag full of goodies and a picnic blanket, my other half ventured to find a sheltered spot. Of course, it wasn't easy to get to. That'd just be too simple right? No, we had to climb over a wire fence, which was no trouble for my other half or Arthur, who could be lifted over. But much more tricky for clumsy Meg over here, lacking both co-ordination and climbing ability. Even with the help of my other half to find my footing and make it to the other side, I still managed to knee him in the nose. It was a real Bridget Jones moment (actually I should just re-name it a #MegMoment). It's a good job we've been together a while now.

So apart from the almost-broken-nose situation (sorry my love) we had a wonderful afternoon out, which was followed up with snuggles and snoozing on the sofa. What better way to spend a Sunday?

It was a weekend of firsts for Arthur, which also coincided with his half birthday - something we only realised on the way back from the beach Saturday! Time really does fly when you have a child but it's not something that makes me sad. How can it when I get to see my little boy grow and flourish as he does? He breathed the life back into me when he was born and because of him, I'm living more than I ever lived in many years. I'm seeing places. I'm doing things. And all with two people I love more than anything. There's nothing better than that.

Megan x
Photo credits: Smithy.1990

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