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The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Clay Mask Review

There's nothing like a good face mask to make you feel relaxed and pampered. I like to do one every now and then, when I get a little 'me time' in the evenings. My current favourite is the Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask (isn't that a mouthful) from The Body Shop. It's a real treat for the skin and for me, ticks all of the boxes a mask should.

The first thing I like about this mask is it's squeezey tube packaging. There's no messing around trying to open a sachet or having to dip your fingers into a pot. You can squeeze out what you need and apply it within seconds.

Upon application, the Mineral & Ginger mask immediately starts to warm the skin. I love this feeling, as it opens up your pores and stars to work it's magic. The mask is scented but very lightly. It's not too gingery and is very pleasant.

Unlike other clay masks, this one from The Body Shop does not dry on the skin. It remains a thick cream like texture, which won't be everyone's cup of tea but actually, I prefer it. I find masks that harden on the skin quite uncomfortable and peel-off masks are such a pain to get off. The removal of this mask is really easy - wash it off and you're done. I've seen some reviews that says it leaves white residue on their face but I think this just means you need to wash it off a little more and pat your face dry afterwards!

Although it's hard to pinpoint results from specific products, as I use a few different skincare products each day, I think the Mineral & Ginger mask helps to draw out impurities from my pores and leaves my skin feeling a little fresher. I've also noticed (and looking at other reviews I'm not the only one) that it leaves my skin looking more radiant and glowing. What more could you want from a face mask?

At £11.00 it's reasonably priced, considering the amount of product you get and that a little goes a long way! The Body Shop have usually got some sort of discount or deal going on too, so if you plan on refreshing your skincare routine, there's often a chance to pick up their products a little cheaper anyway!

Have you tried this mask from The Body Shop?

Megan x
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