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Make Sunday A Fun Day Without Breaking The Bank

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Sunday has long been acknowledged as the day of rest, even by those who aren’t of the Christian faith. In the UK it’s the day of lie ins, long, lazy mornings, indulgent Sunday roasts, family and good times… Until the Sunday evening ennui sets in and the working week looms over us, casting a shadow on the rest of the day’s enjoyment.

While this familiar routine can bring us comfort, it’s also fun to shake things up every once in a while. Sunday is a great day to stretch the legs, get out of the house and do something fun with your partner and the kids, as a family. But who wants to spend their Sunday navigating the jam packed car park of a shopping centre or retail park? Take a stroll off the beaten track, step out of your comfort zone and make your Sunday a fun day with some of these alternative activities which will be fun and exciting but won’t break the bank…

Break out of the Escape Room

Solving puzzles is a fun and engaging activity for us to do on our own but it’s even more enjoyable to do as a family. Find an Escape Room near you - they’ve sprung up all around the country so one won’t be hard to find, and choose a scenario from which to escape. You will have a limited time to escape from the room and you will need to work together to solve riddles and puzzles to escape before your time limit elapses. This may not be appropriate for young kids but for older kids who love a challenge it doesn't get much more fun and immersive than this. Plus, it’s a great learning experience and a fun opportunity for the whole family to use their creative problem solving and teamwork skills. Follow it up with a leisurely lunch somewhere fun and you have the makings of a perfect family day out.

Monkey around on ropes

Lots of us want to get out and engage in more physical activities, but modern living can be a real impediment to this. Our physical exercise tends to get limited to trips to the gym before work and the short walk to the car before our daily commute begins. Why not take the whole family up into the trees for some fun, gravity defying (but perfectly safe) frolicking like our primordial ancestors. You’ll find Go Ape sites dotted around the country and while this is a paid activity it’s surprisingly reasonable considering what you get for your money. Although if finding the cash is an issue don’t miss out on this article on turning your clutter into cash.

Embrace nature

Another fun outdoor activity for the whole family that needn’t cost a thing is a hike on a nature trail. This can be as interactive as you like. It could simply be a fun excursion amongst beautiful surroundings or it could be a fun and interactive experience for young children, marking off examples of local plant and wildlife as they encounter them.

As a family, we like to spend as much of our weekends outdoors as possible. We love going on walks, exploring new places and being local tourists. From a simple picnic in a local park to creating treasure hunts in a nearby woods, there are plenty of ways to keep your family entertained without spending a fortune.

Whatever you choose, your family deserves something a little different to make Sunday a fun day!

How do you spend your Sunday's?

Megan x
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