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Mud & Bloom Kids' Subscription Box Review

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Although I'm still yet to find a 'grown up' subscription box I love (beauty boxes just aren't for me) I think there are so many fantastic boxes out there for kids, with one of my latest discoveries being from a wonderful brand called Mud & Bloom.

Mud & Bloom was created by business woman and mum-of-two Anja, who was inspired by her love of gardening and being outdoors with her kids. After leaving full time employment, she enrolled on a RHS Horticultural course with the intention of starting a gardening business. It was then she had the fantastic idea of starting a gardening and nature subscription box for kids and decided to run with it! I have a lot of admiration for mums who start and run their own businesses from home - it's not easy - and think Anja has come up with a really great product with Mud & Bloom, for both children and their parents!

Arthur was lucky enough to be sent the May Mud & Bloom box to have a look at. Inside we found a variety of contents including Sweet Pea seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Organic seed pellets and craft items to make a nature loom, crown and mask. There were also cards accompanying the items, with details on how to plant the seeds and create the crafting projects.

I'm really keen to encourage Arthur to get involved in outdoorsy things like gardening and it's so great to see that it's something he's already taken an interest in. He loves helping his granny water the plants in the garden and has had even more fun planting his sweet pea and pumpkin seeds from the Mud & Bloom box - we can't wait to watch them grow!

I think the addition of the crafting projects is also a great idea. Arthur loves crafts and I've got to admit, it's something I really love doing with him. We had a good time together collecting bits from around the garden and park to stick on his Nature Crown and Nature Mask. He couldn't wait to try them on and was parading around the garden calling himself 'King Arthur' - it was adorable!

 The Mud & Bloom box also includes activity cards for kids to do - with this month's box asking them if they could spot various different spring minibeasts! Arthur loves doing things like this and even though the boxes are aimed at 3-8 year olds, I feel at 2 (and a half) he has still got plenty out of it.

Whilst providing kids with fun activities to do, the Mud & Bloom boxes are also educating them and encouraging them to engage with nature. In a world full of iPads, kids apps and the alike, it's great to offer something like this as an alternative. Something that gets kids outside, having fun! It's also something parents can do with their children, a way of spending quality time together and making happy memories.

All in all I think Mud & Bloom subscription boxes for kids are a great idea and provide something a little different to the other offerings out there! Be sure to check out the website for more information on how to subscribe to Mud & Bloom.

Megan x
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