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Staycations - Have a family holiday experience without travelling far!

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In a country like the UK, it is very easy to move from place to place. With the country itself being smaller than most, the longest distance between cities can be covered on a short flight and most can be done by car. You don't necessarily need to go abroad to explore a new place with your family. When going between villages and towns in the UK, you'll easily find yourself seeing loads of different things - this is something we've been doing a lot recently, as a family and our days out together have really felt like mini holidays!

The great thing about days out with kids is that they'll feel like they're going on holiday, even if it's not that far away and that's because of their abstract view of time and distance. A journey which takes an hour by car may feel like an eternity to a child, so they'll feel like they're travelling a very long way even if in reality they're not! Being local tourists and opting for a staycation has many benefits for parents of tiny humans, which we'll later explore. But first let's take a quick look at some of the things you can do on a trip like this and how to find a place to stay.

Things to do on UK trips

Having been home to loads of different cultures and people throughout history, the UK has an excellent mix of different activities which can be enjoyed when you’re on staycation. From castles and stately homes, to theme parks and zoos, there is truly something for everyone and it’s very likely that you will have something close to home. To help you to find attractions like this, websites like TripAdvisor can give you a great insight into an area, with a couple of searches yielding loads of results.

Finding somewhere to stay

Once you have an idea of where you would like to go, it will be time to figure out where you will be staying on your trip. Options like the Peterborough Marriott hotel are great for this, striking a balance between the service you get from a small business and the price you get from a bigger one, they can give you everything you need without breaking the bank. Of course, it is always worth reading some reviews before you choose something like this.

Benefits of staycations and local days out

As the last area to consider, it’s time to take a look at the benefits of this approach. As the biggest to keep in mind, this sort of route will always be much cheaper than going a long way, making it easier for families on a budget to afford. Along with this, though, most parents will prefer to avoid moving their children over long distances. Travelling can be hard with young people and limiting the distance is an easy way to make this a little bit less daunting.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking at your local area to find some holiday options, which although still in the same country, will feel far from home. A lot of people ignore this sort of route, choosing to take flights and go over long distances with their kids. In reality, though, for some this can be a lot more work than it is worth and might feel better waiting until they are a little older. It's all about personal choice and family circumstances at the end of the day!

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Megan x
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