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Things I've learnt from having long distance friendships

If you read the latest instalment of my Weekend Well Spent series, you'll know that my best friend Liz and her partner Will, came down to see us a couple of weekends ago and we had the most lovely time! Afterwards, I was thinking about how nice it was to see her and how even though there's just over three hours driving distance between us, we're still able to maintain as good friendship as ever. And well, it inspired me to write this post on the things I've learnt from having long distance friendships!

Making friends in a new place wasn't half as easy as I thought it'd be and quite honestly, although I now know people where I live, I don't really have proper friendships; not like I had back in Nottinghamshire. Having said this, it's not something that bothers me greatly. I was very lucky to meet my other half within a couple of months moving down here and quite honestly, he, along with my beautiful son and wonderful family make me so happy - I never feel like anything is missing (as soppy as that sounds!) And I also take comfort in knowing that I still have a handful of amazing friends that whilst may no longer be round the corner, are only a Whatsapp message away (it is 2018 after all!)

True friendship can endure the distance

Something I've learnt is that if you have a true friendship with someone, even if it's been months since you've seen them, it won't feel that way at all. When I saw Liz it was like it had only been a week or so since I'd last seen her! It wasn't awkward or unnatural. We were just the same old Liz and Meg we've been since we met at school. She is someone that has always stood by me, always put my best interests first and always had my back. And that's the same even now. And I feel very lucky to have that true friendship.

Social media makes long distance friendships easier

From having long distance friendships, I've learnt that social media really is a wonderful thing. Sure, it has it's negatives but it's allowed me to keep in touch with friends and also given me the opportunity to share what I'm up to with them and keep up to date with things they're doing too. We can be part of each other's lives and know what's going on without living in the same county.

But long distance friendships do require a little effort

I think it's true when they say long distance friendships take work. You've got to make the effort to catch up whenever possible, whether that's via Whatsapp or Facebook, over the phone or in person. And this isn't always easy when you and your friends live such busy lives; whether that's down to looking after children and family, working your butt off, travelling the world or a mixture of all three! I'd be lying if I said I was really good at keeping in touch with all of my friends - I'm not. But I'm sure they'd say the same about themselves too.

It's okay for friendships to change - it doesn't mean the love isn't there

People do grow apart, especially when their lives take different paths, however that doesn't mean the friendship is lost. I feel like although I might not speak to some of my friends every week, we still care about each other and want to see each other succeed and be happy. I love seeing updates on social media where a friend has won an award, got a promotion or is just generally having a wonderful time and living their best life (a saying that makes me cringe but you know what I mean). There's still a friendship there, it's just changed a little and that's perfectly okay.

You'll still share so many funny moments, even if it's not in person

Part of a good friendship is making each other laugh and you don't have to be in the same room, town or even county for that to happen. (Almost) daily conversations with my friend Abbie over Facebook often result in me literally laughing out loud. She is someone I value so much as a friend - I feel I can literally say anything to her without fear of being judged and the conversations, stories and anecdotes we share are usually down right hilarious (to us anyway!) I can't wait to see her beautiful face on her wedding day. YES wedding day. See, you don't have to miss out on the important milestones just because you live further away - some people are most definitely worth travelling for.

Have you had experience of a long distance friendship? Was it something you were able to maintain and how did you adapt to the change? I'd love to hear your thoughts - tweet me @meganjane03.

Megan x