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5 Things I'd have in my Dream Living Room

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If you saw my recent post about my Dream Kitchen, you'll know I've been planning on sharing a lot more home-related content here on the blog. As I mentioned in the other post, we don't yet have our own house but it's something that's on the cards for the near future and well, it's got me all excited!

I really enjoyed putting together the kitchen designing post, so I thought I'd follow it up with 5 things I'd love to have in my dream living room. So here we go...
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1. Chesterfield Sofa

Sofas are of course a living room staple and although they are available in millions and billions of different designs these days, it's the the classic and stylish Chesterfield sofa that I keep coming back to. I think Chesterfields have such a smart and elegant design that compliments both modern and traditionally designed living rooms. Although they're available in velvet finishes, it's actually the leather-look I prefer and I imagine would wear better. The other half seems to be on my wave length and is already eyeing up secondhand Chesterfields on Facebook Marketplace, so I'm quite hopeful it's something we'll end up having in our future living room!
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2. Large Windows

I'm one of those people that likes to have as much natural light as possible in my home. I just think natural light makes everything look and feel a little better, how about you? With this in mind, I'd ideally have a living room with either large windows that (hopefully) look out onto a beautiful view or patio doors that lead straight into the garden.

I think if you have plenty of natural light, you can afford to be a little more daring with deeper colours in your living room. Although I've tended to favour white and pastel paint colour schemes in the past, I'm really loving deep blue feature walls for living rooms right now.
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3. Log Burner

Something we've already spoken about having in our 'dream living room' is a log burner. Again, they're something that look great in both contemporary and traditional living room interiors and they also have a practical element to them too, as they help warm your home on chilly winter days (not that I can even remember what they feel like in the midst of this heatwave!)

Of course, having a young child means that we'd have to be really careful installing a log burner in our living room, however you can buy guards for them, to help prevent nasty accidents. I think as a parent, you just have to be extra careful and not leave your child unsupervised if the log burner is on.
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4. Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

I love the look of chunky, wooden coffee tables that have a rustic / shabby chic thing going on. I can definitely see us either upcycling a wooden coffee table for our future living room or my other half doing a DIY project! A rustic wooden coffee table would fit in with the country-inspired decor we're both into and offer a great mix of style, charm and practicality.
Image credit: Barker and Stonehouse

5. Copper Floor Lamp

I've hung my nose over stylish copper floor lamps for years now but aren't some of them pricey?! Still, they are beautiful and would add a lovely modern touch to a more traditionally-styled room. I really like this copper floor lamp from The Range and it's certainly more reasonably priced than offerings from other stores online. My other half also quite likes the floor lamps with the tripod legs - I wasn't a big fan to start with but they're growing on me and could very well be an option for our future living room roo

So there we have the 5 things I'd love in my dream living room. What do you have or would you have in yours?

Megan x
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