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Easy ways to update your toddler's bedroom on a budget

I had so much fun planning my little boy's nursery when I was pregnant and thanks to my mum and dad's hard work, my dream became a reality. Together, we created the most beautiful mint green nursery, complete with cute prints, fluffy furnishings and the most stylish Ikea rocking chair.

Fast forward a couple of years and we're now living in a different house and my little boy is very much a toddler! Being in a rented house, I've not been keen to decorate - especially now that we're in talks of buying our first family home, however it has got me thinking about Arthur's next bedroom and how I can create something fun, stylish and practical for him on a fairly low budget. With this as my inspiration, I thought I'd share a few ways you can easily update your little one's bedroom, without spending a fortune! There's also a few ideas well-suited to those who are currently living in a rented home, where painting the walls might not be an option.
Matalan Unicorn Bedding - £7.00 // Next Peter Rabbit Bedding - £20.00 // H&M Fruit Patterned Bedding - £19.99

New bedding

One of the easiest ways you can brighten up your toddler's bedroom and give it a little more character is with new bedding. A few months back, we changed Arthur's cot for a toddler bed, as he'd finally outgrown it and as a special treat (and hope that he may sleep better in his new bed) I let him pick out some new bedding. We went for this Peter Rabbit toddler bedding set from Next - it's gorgeous and really added some colour to his room. It's also double-sided so you can have two different looks! I think quite a few companies make toddler bedding like this and I think it's such a great idea. When we move house, I'll definitely be letting him pick some new bedding as I think it's important to get him involved in how it looks - after all, it will be his!

Just as a little side note: I mentioned toddler beds and since this is a post about toddler bedrooms on a budget, I thought it'd be relevant to share this fantastic toddler bed and mattress bundle from George at Asda. I bought it for Arthur and it was one of the most affordable toddler beds I could find. I was a little skeptical that the quality might not be all that great but I'm pleased to report it's fantastic! It's a good size, the mattress is comfortable and the bed has been designed and finished to a high standard. I also love the look of it and think it'll fit nicely into most toddler bedrooms, no matter the decor!

Wall stickers

Another simple and affordable way to update your toddler's bedroom is with wall stickers! A quick search online will bring up thousands of different designs for you to choose from and some can even be personalised with your child's name to make them even more special. Aside from adding colour and character to toddler bedrooms, wall stickers are also great for those living in rented accommodation because they can be placed on the wall and then peeled off at the end of the tenancy, without causing any permanent damage to the wall itself. 

The lovely team over at Tenstickers have been kind enough to offer me some vouchers in exchange for mentioning them in this blog post and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to pick some up to use in Arthur's next bedroom. I chose a few geometric animal designs, as providing he's happy, I thought a woodland animal themed toddler room might be quite fun! Obviously, I'm going to wait to use them but I'll be sure to share my experience with them in a future post. 
Image credits: ImagineOurLife.com // Childhood101.com // Parents.com


One of the cheapest ways to update your toddler's bedroom is by making them a little gallery with string and pegs! You could buy them a few illustrations to peg or you could simply use their own creations from home, playgroup or pre-school painting sessions. Kids love to show off their artwork, so what better way to do it than in their own toddler bedroom?
Image credits: ABabyOnBoard.com // ZCreateDesign // InkeHeiland.blogspot.com

Shelving and Storage

New shelving and storage solutions can contribute to the overall look of your toddler's bedroom and allow you to make the most of the space you have available. I've seen so many fantastic shelving ideas for kids rooms on Pinterest from spice racks come book shelves to crates and buckets that have been transformed into unique off-ground shelving for toys. A quick Google search will also bring up some lovely shelving for kids rooms - you can buy it in every shape and design, from houses to clouds and it makes a lovely stye feature.

Whilst we're on the topic of storage it's worth mentioning that storage boxes can really make a difference to your toddler's bedroom too, especially if you choose them in a creative design. Ikea is fantastic for kids storage and I particularly love the colourful bucket designs that not only look cute but have plenty of room for more bulky toys. I saw on Pinterest that some parents have added a flat top to the storage and transformed it into an activity table for kids to play with their trains and do crafts et, which I think is such a lovely idea.
Image credits: PureWow.com // TheCrazyCraftLady.com // IkeaHackers.net

A lick of new paint on shelving and storage units can also make a real difference. I love the idea shown above of the shelving unit that has been painted to make a car park for the kids cars. It's fun and creative but also practical and will hopefully encourage kids to clear up when they've finished by parking their cars! You never know your luck.

Shelving and storage doesn't have to be pricey and you can even consider upcycling storage boxes and units to cut down the costs and give them a new lease of life.

Do you have any tips for updating a kid's bedroom on a budget? I'd love to read your suggestions in the comment section or tweet me @meganjane03!

Megan x
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